Last modified 10/05/2023

best hard disk format toolBest software to format a hard drive:

Many people store a great part of their information on the hard disk of the computer, because this storage dispositive can save a great amount of data. However, eliminating all the stored data is absolutely not an easy task. For that reason we will make mention of the best 5 programs which will help you to format your hard disk the easy, efficient and safe way.

HDD Low Level Format Tool : Is an application used to format the hard disks, and other internal and external units of the system. This program is perfect if you want to format the hard disk in case of inner or outer damage. After the execution, this program will leave the hard disk or dispositive as it was bought minutes ago, like a new one, in other words, there will be no trace of any information stored on it before.

WipeDrive : Is another program used to format a hard disk efficiently. This program will allow us eliminate permanently the stored data. Also it helps to clean and erase completely an operational system, if it has suffer some damage or maybe just because the user want to. WipeDrive formats the internal and external hard disks, pendrive of the USB kind, Sticks memories and Card memories.

Hard Driver Eraser : Is a tool elaborated with the Peter Guttmann’s parameters, to format a hard disk, diskettes and partitioning efficiently. This programs works with the following kinds of files: NTFS, FAT 32 and FAT. Hard Driver Eraser is an easy program to use, because it counts with a friendly interface for the regular user, likewise it is really light and it does not need to get installed on your system as a principal requirement.

Fat32Format : Is another application used to clean and erase stored data on the hard disk. It works with hard disks with capacity beyond 32 GB with the kind of format FAT 32. This program is really efficient to eliminate many operational systems installed on the same computer. Besides it allows you to give format to your USB memories. It presents an instructive and simple interface and it does not need a process to install it or DLL. It can be found on internet easily and it is absolutely free.

Active Kill Disk : Is like the new software which includes all the necessary tools to format totally a hard disk. The characteristics of this program help to clean and erase safely all the stored data bases on the hard disk. It is based on many methods to execute the formatting process, between these we can find the One Pass Zeros which can eliminate all the information with only one process and then it overwrites the disk with zeroes. One Pass Random does the same activities like the process mentioned before, but it overwrites the disk with random characters.

US DOD 5220.22-M : Can overwrite a stable character in one process and later it complements the formatting with a second process by overwriting the disks with random characters. German VSITR can format the hard disk with 7 processes per sector.

Russian GOST P50739-95 : Can format it with 5 processes per sector. Guttmann can format the hard disks with 35 processes per sector.

Finally you can choose the method User Defined which executes a customized process, but the user must choose the number of process the program will develop successfully.

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