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Places in which you can create a blog for free :

In the world, people have the need to express their opinions, suggestions, cultures, believes, recommendations, among other subjects. Currently, one of the new methods used to communicate the subjects mentioned above, are blogs; which are updated by their author or user, who has all the freedom, in the same way readers do, to insert any content of his or her interest.

Most blogs are used as journals or information sites with contents that vary from, educative, political, business, technological, etc. In these sites, a friendly interaction between the visitors and the author is promoted; in this interaction there is a debate or comments about other subjects which are very much a like the ones treated in the blog.

For the creation of a blog, you have to go to a series of stages; the first stage, and the most complicated one, is choosing the title and the subjects that are going to be dealt with in the blog, whether it is a personal or informative subject; as follows, a web server has to be picked up, so it can provide us a host service, among the most recommended web sites, you can find the following:

WordPress ( Is one of the most famous servers you can find in the internet; currently, it counts with more than 1 325 777 blogs, and the user has the option to search blogs or subjects through its homepage. The subscription to obtain a blog in this server is free, the client only has to register him or herself to fill out a form with his or her data and write the name and content of his or her blog.

Blogger ( Is a web server managed by Google and one of the favorite ones among the great number of internet users all over the world; it offers obtaining you own blow in three simple steps. it counts with a wide range of wools, such as predesigned stencils and ones designed by each user, which help improving the blog’s aspect. The utilities and subjects that will be treated in the blog are managed by the user, who has the option of earning money by placing publicity, because this web site provides the user with adsence; besides, you can insert gadgets, links, among others.

Lynksee ( It is a parallel web site, because it is created automatically when registering in WordPress. It provides the user a wide range of open source tools, which help improving the blog; it counts with a home interface, in which you can easily manage the user links. To register, you only have to go to its web site and write down the information they require.

Weblog ( To obtain a blog in this web site you have to follow the same format that you would in any other conventional blog. Weblog offers 12 stencils to improve the blog’s aspect and, besides, the user can post publicity and earn money at the same time, whether it is per each click or for filling up the forms by the blog’s visitors.

ForosyBlogs ( In this web site you can create a blog and a forum at the same time, where people have the option to comment on certain open subjects or publish documents. Its register is very practical and it offers a great amount of predesigned stencils to improve the blog’s look. Among its negative factors you can see that there is a publicity overload in the blog, users known as hoygans, flooders, or simply people who are trying to mess with the environment.

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