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Celebrating the Lawyer’s Day :

In many countries around the world, it is celebrated the lawyer’s day with conferences, magisterial lessons, book presentations and dinners. On these important events, the lawyers make a commitment so they will make justice on an efficient and ethical way.

Even if the lawyer’s day is not celebrated universally yet, there are so many countries which want to establish an exact date on the calendar to celebrated this specific day, such is the case of Chile.

Actually, these days, the lawyer’s day is celebrated on different days around the world:

–         In Mexico and Guatemala, it is celebrated on July 12th

–         In Ecuador, it is celebrated on February 20th

–         In Argentina, it is celebrated on August 29th

–         In Peru, it is celebrated on April 2nd

–        In Colombia, it is celebrated on June 22nd, and in Venezuela a day after. 

With the rest of the world, the lawyer’s day is celebrated the same day of Saint Ivon of Kermatin (Ives Helory) known as the father of the lawyers around the world, born and raised in France.

In Mexico, the celebration of the lawyer’s day started since 1969, when the license lawyer Bartolome Frias y Albornoz taught lessons of laws for the first time in America, in the Real and Pontifical University of Mexico. In Venezuela, it was celebrated since 1972, in honor of the first president and lawyer birth day, Cristobel Hurtado de Mendoza. In Peru, the celebration started since the year 1952, in commemoration of a lawyer of Arequipa, Francisco Calderon, known as the fathers of the Laws in that Nation.

In Argentina, the celebration was established the day when got born Juan Bautista Alberdi; this person wrote “Bases and Points of Start to the Institutional Reorganization”. In Ecuador, this day was celebrated since 1945, in honor to the deceased lawyer Luis Felipe Borja. In Guatemala, the celebration began since 1552, when for the first time a lesson of laws was taught in the Saint Carlos University. Finally, in Colombia, nobody knows yet the exact reason why this day is celebrated each June 22nd.

But, how did the career of the lawyer appear for the first time? The History of the lawyer takes us to Greece, where there was an institution similar to the Laws practice. There, the lawyers were given with name of: “orator- writer“. But it was in Rome where the fully development of the lawyer career took place. The word lawyer comes from the Latin word “advocatus” which means “call”, because in Rome, they call that way to the people who know about laws to ask them for help.  

In the past and actually, in our present, the lawyer’s career has been and still is very important, because it allows to defend the people’s rights, the freedom, the justice, etc. for that reason, on the lawyer’s day, if you know any lawyer, do not lose the chance to congratulate that person and send some greetings for the celebration of that special day.

Remember, the lawyer’s day also means the day of the justice, the truth and the laws.

For you to have a bigger idea about the lawyer’s career, here I will show you some of the most popular sentences, some of them created by the very same lawyer’s clients: 

–         A lawyer with a briefcase can steal more money than thousands of men with knives

–         The lawyer is the skilled man who is busy taking care of our goods to keep them all himself.

–         It is absolutely necessary to tell to the lawyer all the truth without hiding a single word, so the lawyer can turn the truth into a puzzle extremely hard to solve.

–         The interpretation of the law means corrupting it. The lawyers kill it.

–         The lawyers, like the bread, are better when they are young and new, the doctors by the other hand, like the good wine, older means better.

–         No poet has expressed the nature of the freedom like lawyer has expressed the truth.

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