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Keylogger spy software,What is a Keylogger Trojan,What is the best anti key logger to use ? :
It is a program in which anything that a user types down through the keyboard can be recorded and all of it is send to third parties. This tools, which was initially created for the development of software, is currently used to spy on victims, to steal passwords, bank or forum accounts, private documents and, somehow, the benefit of the one who made the installation.

There are several ways of using this program in computers, dividing its action in two groups (hardware and software), through an external device plugged in the keyboard or through the usage of knowledge of assembly, certain mechanisms can be added to this peripheral, even though its detection would be much easier than if it were installed through the software.

In the market and through the web, you can find a wide range of programs to save the digitations done through the keyboard. This software can hold on its designed some sort of Trojan, which is why much antivirus software are able to detect it. There are also others that are much more sophisticated, which can copy the screen once in a while and, in that way, they are able of spying the user who is in front of the computer, with the possibility of getting to know which web sites he or she visits or whatever he or she does in general.

Any banks or other sites that are preferred by delinquents have, in their respective web sites, a virtual digitations system, which means that the user is able to access and type his or her password with the aid of the mouse, without having to use the keyboard. Althoughm there are also key loggers which are capable of tracking down the clicks done by the victim, but it requires much more expertise, they have been set on trial, which is why they are not operative yet.

A possible way of limiting the key logger is that, whenever you type down a password, you can trick the program so it records another one, but, how do you do this? It is pretty simple, if the password is: “1988year” what you have to do is type down any character in any order and then, start erasing with the keyboard or your mouse, until, a little by little, you get the right one. That will make the key logger to store a mistaken password, although, with time, that will become tedious and, besides, there are some key loggers that are able of avoiding this trick.

This is why, in order to be able to protect our computers from any key logger and feel the privacy of using of computer, we have to know how this programs works exactly. When we type down any button in the keyboard, the system sends the microprocessor (Bios) a pulsation, this device compares it with its ASCII characters chart, then the system does a little hardware recess, so then it can create a record of whatever the person is writing down.

All this process in done in the blink of an eye, but if the computer is infected with a key logger, this process will take longer, and it will become perceptible, especially when you are writing fast, causing the key logger to be unable to record some keys or, simply, the process will take longer, causing an abnormal interruption.

You can prove if there is some record that is slowing down the memory or if there is some program executing by going to the task manager, pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del, and then you can check if there is some key logger. Another way of seeing if you are been spied, is by going to an internet cabin we know or using the computer in our homes, where we know what is installed.

To protect yourself in an efficient way, it is convenient to have a good antivirus software (because many key loggers are detected as Trojans) or specifically an antikeylogger, which is a very light program that can be downloaded for free.

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