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What is spyware and adware and what to do about it ?,Free Adware Removal can help you :

adware-spywareAdware is a program that works in a second scale while you are using your computer with Internet connection. Adware has an interface or window that has as a content some type of advertisement (antivirus, antispam programs), these windows are known as Pops – up, and they owe their name to the way they execute when they suddenly appear after clicking on a web site’s button and because they have an extravagant design that spreads all over the screen. Certain programs install some elements in the tool bar without permission, other force the victim to go to another web site or to predetermine one as a navigator’s home page, to be able to access the page that you initially wanted to.

The Adware program comes from the word or was formerly known as a shareware (of software publicity) that was used as an additional income for programmers, but this media spread through all over the net as a massive publicity media, up to the point in which it became annoying when surfing the net. Since that time, these advertising ads have been catalogued as a malicious code, which compromises the public welfare.

The way in which adware infects computers is through web sites, where there are codes programmed to install these programs (camouflaged in Active – X or in others) in an automatic way and, also, with the false story of having to be installed for the proper visualization of the web site that you are trying to access to. There are also warning signs, which tell us that we should leave the web site we are in and go to another in order to be able to solve the problem, in which, usually, there are Trojans. Particularly, there are normal programs in which you can find some adware that installs with it and that, ironically, is written in the legal license but in small letters, so that way, it is difficult to read it (even though there are many people who do not pay much attention to the license.

Most companies see in adware an insurance to demand their products through their publicity, until it reaches a point in which it is heavy, others make the victim think that his or her computer has a virus and that they need to download their product, other force the usage of their search engine, which installed itself without any permission in the tool bar. The most dangerous ones are those adware that are distributed in some companies to follow the victim.

To find out if your computer has some sort of infection caused by an adware, you have to detect some of the symptoms that usually present, such as:

  • If the computer becomes slower when executing certain processes.
  • If the home page of the navigator has been changed without your permission or knowledge.
  • If you have a search engine installed in your search bar and you never approved its installation.
  • If you have at least one direct access to some antivirus or antispam in your desktop or start menu.
  • If, when surfing the net, pop – ups suddenly appear automatically.
  • If in your “Favorites” gap you find pages that you never chosen as favorites.
  •  If some functions have been modified in the navigator setting, such as, for example, cookies access, the security and privacy level, Java applications, etc.

If you computer has several of these symptoms, it is very ought that it is infected with some sort of adware, so you will need to install an antiadware or antispyware, and be much more careful when visiting web sites.

  • Super AntiSpyware ( is one of the most used ones to remove any spy program, Trojans or worms.
  •  Adware Free ( it is able of eliminating several malware, adware, Trojans or spyware. It counts with automatic updates and Works in a second scale, not using much of the computer’s resources.

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