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The beautiful romantic dedications to share are an essential part of every sentimental relationship because they are the purest expression of both the soul and the heart.

Your boyfriend always looks forward to dedicating you tender love words to let his imagination fly and to feel loved by you.

This section is full of beautiful love phrases for your boyfriend, perfect to send them at any time and any occasion.

Beautiful love text messages to send by Messenger

:: “I ask God to grant me something, that you and I will never be separated and that this love that unites us never stops growing.”

:: “I love you so much that you have become part of me, that’s why every time I don’t have you around I feel incomplete and do my best to see you again.”

:: “I love you without fear because I know our love is true and because I know you love me as much as I love you.”

:: “Stop thinking about you is practically impossible, day and night you are present both in my mind and in my heart.”

:: “Everyone tells me that now I look much happier and every morning I wake up with a huge smile that can’t be erased and all this is thanks to your love.Download I miss you Whatsapp love text messages

Best ‘I love you’ messages for Him & Her

:: “Although we are not together at all times, you are within my heart 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.”

:: “Your words feed my illusions, your kisses my love, your smiles my happiness and your eyes feed my hope that we will be together forever.”

:: “Even if time began to march backwards, until the day we met, I would choose you again because you are my great and only love.”

:: “I promise you that this beautiful love will exist every day of our lives and that it will never cease to give us joy.”

:: “Love has given us pleasant surprises and many more still await us to live, always together looking forward.”Romantic phrases you should say to your love

Deep love quotes to express how you really feel

:: “There is nothing more incredible than traveling the path of life holding hands and together discovering the world.”

:: “The past has given us many beautiful memories, our present is enviable and the future will be more incredible than we can imagine, my love.”

:: “When night comes you leave my thoughts and go directly to my dreams because you are always present with your love.”

:: “I love your virtues and your flaws, I love you completely and to be honest I would not dare to change anything.”

:: “Destiny united our paths to become friends and it was we who decided to turn that friendship into the most beautiful of all loves.”

Most romantic quotes & cute ways to say ‘I Love You’

:: “For a long time I suffered with a broken heart, but I feel grateful for it because it gave me the opportunity to meet you and recognize in you the essence of true love.”

:: “The only way to be able to withstand your absence is to think about you at all times and remember all the beautiful moments you have given me. I miss you so much!”

:: “The first day has not yet passed in which I have not loved you or thought of you, nor will it ever happen.”

:: “My heart will always show me the way to reach you, no matter how many obstacles I have to overcome.”

:: “You will never be alone in the face of your problems, I will be with you willing to fight to get ahead, motivated by the great love we have.”

Sweet and touching I love you text messages for girlfriend

:: “This love is so fantastic that it seems that my dreams and reality have mixed, when I sleep there you are and when I am with you I feel that I am in the middle of a dream.”

:: “Your kisses have the power to make me feel that I float through the air and that I can fly to a fantastic world where our love is the protagonist.”

:: “You have bewitched me with just one of your looks, with one of your smiles you fill my life with happiness and with just one of your kisses you fill my heart with the greatest love.”

Beautiful love thoughts for your boyfriend will not only allow you to express your feelings, but also make you fall more in love.

Now you know how to strengthen your relationship and feed the love that unites you with your boy, so continue sharing original love texts to dedicate.Romantic & charming text messages for girlfriend

Romantic phrases that melt hearts

Romantic text messages to share with your partner will be perfect to celebrate special dates such as anniversaries or birthdays.

However, you should not wait until it is a date of celebration to have the detail of dedicating cute love messages to your girlfriend because it is very important that you continue to conquer her day by day.

You will see that finding beautiful love words to send to your partner, several times throughout the day, will be very simple thanks to this section that we have prepared.

Pure love messages & romantic quotes

:: “Our souls are united by the most sincere love, strong enough to overcome any obstacle and difficulty.”

:: “One of the most beautiful things I can contemplate in this world are your beautiful eyes that fascinate, hypnotize and make me deeply in love with you.”

:: “You have become my greatest inspiration, my greatest reason to wake up every morning and smile at life. You have achieved all this with the power of your love. ”

:: “If at any time our love were at risk I would fight with all my strength to recover and save our relationship because you are the most wonderful thing I have.”

:: “After meeting you I didn’t understand what was happening to me until I realized that you had stolen my heart and since then I am the happiest man in this world.”Download best top sweet & flirty text messages for girlfriend

Download love pictures & messages to send by Whatsapp

:: “Our love is something that goes beyond our dates, gifts or kisses, our love is to have each other and be happy together.”

:: “You are really amazing because you had the courage to open your heart even when it was broken, so I will love you forever and make you very happy.”

:: “The day will never come when I will stop creating beautiful memories by your side because this love I feel for you will never end.”

:: “Do not be afraid of losing me, I am completely yours and I love you with all the strength of my being.”

:: “The first time I told you that I loved you, I knew perfectly that my feelings for you were sincere and every time I repeat it to you, it is because I know that I will love you forever.”

Best romantic WhatsApp messages for boyfriend 

:: “I know that I have some flaws, but I love you, with all my soul and my being, and I am willing to do whatever is necessary for you.”

:: “No matter where we are, as long as I am by your side, I will feel that I am at home. I adore you honey.”

:: “We may hold hands for a moment, but our hearts are together all the time because we love each other.”

:: “It’s only you who I love in this life, so much that I would never change you for anything in this world.”

:: “My soul rests by your side, my heart gets excited and accelerates and happiness fills me from head to toe.”

:: “This love I feel for you is so great that there are no words that can describe it, but fortunately it exist the love and the facts to tell you.”Find sweet love wordings for my girlfriend Whatsapp

Cute & romantic texts to send by Whatsapp

:: “With the first kiss we gave each other you touched much more than my lips, you touched my soul and my heart to make the most pure and sincere love emerge.”

:: “When I look into your eyes I can see a part of my soul reflected in them and I can also see the expression of yours.”

:: “Destiny conspired so that we could meet, but then the rest remained in our hands, we fell in love.”

:: “I love making you laugh because I see you really happy enjoying my company and that makes me fall in love much more.”

:: “Little by little you have become the center of my world, and in the middle of my heart. You are all I need to be happy in this life and forever. ”

:: “Dreams can come true, I know it because my biggest dream came true: I have your love.”

You will make every day a celebration in couple with the sweet & romantic texts for your girlfriend that you send. Don’t think twice before sharing more tender romantic words with your girlfriend.Download best Whatsapp romantic messages for Her

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