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public university, top universities, universities limaThe most prestigious public universities in Lima

Lima is the capital of Peru and one of the largest cities in South America. It is also one of the cities that has a very interesting history. The Peruvian capital, also has the most prestigious universities and internationally renowned.
In this large city are more than 40 private universities that offer educational services, in contrast to the limited number of public universities: only 7 in total. It is noteworthy that the level of state universities is much more demanding in relation to universities of payment.
In this article you will know which public universities are the most outstanding.
San Marcos National University
Also known by the acronym UNMSM is the dean of America. This university has 22 faculties, and a Museum and Research Institute. It also has a Language School, and graduate school.
Has a scholarship program for academic excellence and student exchange to study at universities in Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Japan.
This prestigious university was also the first in Peru to obtain International Institutional Accreditation, so it is considered one of the top public universities in Peru and Latin America.
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National University of Engineering
Better known as UNI is one of the most prestigious universities. The professionals at this university are eligible to work in the country or abroad.
This training center has 11 engineering schools, a modern campus, online libraries and very efficient intranet services.
The engineering college has strategic alliances with other reputable universities in Peru and the rest of the world.
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La Molina National Agrarian University
It is located at east of Lima in one of the most prominent locations: La Molina. The UNALM has 8 faculties that are focus on forming professionals related to the well use and care of natural resources.
It is part of the Strategic Alliance and the San Marcos and UNI. The UNALM has an awards program to academic excellence for its students to continue their studies at universities abroad.
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Federico Villareal National University
It was created in 1963 and from that date until today is one of the leading universities in Lima and Peru.
Currently has 18 faculties and a graduate program, an educational institution, a school of computing and technology information, a system of distance education and college preparatory academy.
This university has technical cooperation agreements with other international universities.
Their website is
Callao National University
It is another of the most prestigious universities in Lima. Currently its 11 faculties and 16 professional schools are located in Callao and 6 on the campus of CaƱete.
The UNAC also offers postgraduate training, a technical school, a language center, library and virtual and other advantages for their students to receive the most appropriate training.
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