Last modified 01/25/2024

Eliminate files that do not let you erase them,delete files permanently : 

Many times it has been impossible to us to eliminate a file, because it is been used by the operative system, this usually happens because some problems that occur when using multimedia, specifically by some .avi damaged files, which make their corresponding codec to be blocked and stop it from been free. 

An .avi type file is just a container of a video format and in its internal head it has stored information about the type of video, as well as the type of codec it needs to use; a codec is some sort of data codifier that allows you to unravel the information for it to be played. 

To solve de problem of erase blocking, we open the command window, to do this we go to the Start menu, run, we type cmd and click ok. We close all the opened windows, except for the DOS window, after we have done this, we go back to the start menu, we set the cursor in run and type Taskmgr.exe and click in the ok button. 

We open the task manager and look for the process Explorer.exe and shut it down, leaving the task manager opened. Now we will use the commands window and will search for the file we want to eliminate, to eliminate the file, once we have found it, first we have to type Del, leave a space and then write down the file’s name, we press enter and then we have eliminated the blocked file. 

To reestablish our explorer we write Explorer.exe in a new task and then we are done. 

If the method shown above does not work, the best way in which we can eliminate a file that does not let us erasing it is by installing a program to handle it, one of the top programs dedicated to erase files that resist to be deleted is Kill Box, this program is capable of erasing any file, whether it is hidden or not, this software is useful especially eliminating viruses that have not been eliminated after performing the analysis. 

To eliminate it we will have to search for the entire route in which the antivirus tells us the virus is hidden. Sometimes these types of files are not shown, which is why we have to go to the file options and change the settings to show us all the hidden files. 

Sometimes, even when we have changed the options in the files, the particular file we are looking for is still hiding, using the Kill Box, we do not need it to reveal itself, because we only need the exact route in which it is located, the steps we need to follow to eliminate any file with the Kill Box are the following: 

We run the Kill Box and select the option where it says: “Delete on reboot”, this option means that it will be deleted when we reboot our computer and it is best to do it, because in that way any program that could be running at the time will be affected. After we have done this, in the box where it says “Full path of file delete” we type the exact route of the file we wish to delete, after writing it correctly, we click on the red circle with the white cross to eliminate it, we will obtain a message that will ask us if we want to reboot the system right now or if we will do it afterwards, if we do not have any more files to eliminate, we click the option where it says “Yes” and the computer will be instantly rebooted, once it is one again, the file will be completely erased. To download the Kill Box you can go directly into its website:

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