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All important information about Canadian temporary work visa,permissions, requirements and how to apply for it  :

If entering the Canadian job market is among your goals, you should know that this is a very competitive sector and a highly specialized one. Your chances of getting a place in it will depend largely on your majors, specifically in the fact in the condition of the amount of trained personnel in that particular major they have or, also, if there is a great need by companies that have established their industries in Canada. 

Now, I always find it easier to enter the Canadian labor market to those who are in permanent residence status. However, it may happen that you’re not entirely convinced in Canada as a place for you to establish and therefore do not seek permanent residence, but only for the opportunity of working a season in this country. Well, there is the possibility of temporary emigration, through the work permits granted by the Canadian embassy. 
You know it is harder to get a job even in these circumstances, given that Canadian law gives priority to its citizens and residents to access jobs in Canada. 
The Canadian government sets a series of barriers to prevent foreign traveling to Canada in search of work. The labor supply to a nonresident alien must be approved by the Center for Human Resources Development in Canada (HRDC). So the only way to get a job in Canada is, previously, access to a work visa and exceeding the assessments imposed by the Canadian authorities. 
Now, the formalities to obtain a temporary work permit are not that simple, then we will talk about everything related to the legal form of arriving in Canada: 
The temporary work permit is a type of documentation that should have all the relevant data specified by the employer who is hiring you, the work you will be performing and the time the contract will last. 
First of all, you should know that, in order to be able to apply for this permission, you must start the process with, at least, four weeks before the start of the employment contract. In addition, you should not initiate any formalities if you do not have the confirmation letter from HRDC, if you want your investment of time and money not to be affected. This is what you must do to apply for a work permit in Canada: 
• Application completed correctly (only in English or French). Data for dependent children under 18 must be included in the same order. 
• Additional Family Information must be correctly filed. 
• You must pay the processing fee the application. 
• Present valid passport and valid. 
• Submit two identical photographs of passport size color or black and white (taken not earlier than six months). 
• Copy of the letter of confirmation of employment by HRDC. 
• Submit documentation certifying the studies conducted to date. 
• Submit documentation proving work experience (letters of reference from previous employers.) 
• Submit criminal record certificate (18 years). 
• Also, if labor supply is in the province of Québec, must obtain the Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec Immigration Service. 
Now, the following are the most important requirements for access to a work permit to have one offer of temporary employment (before starting the processing of permits), the Center for Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) must issue an approval the job offer, when you start the application process for a temporary work permit must have a certificate of approval of Human Resources Centre of Canada (HRDC) and a copy of the job offer. 
Then, upon receiving a work permit from Canada, you are committing yourself to:

Being self-sufficient to cover your expenses in Canada, and relatives who accompany you, demonstrating that you meet the requirements to enter Canada (medical history and police background), to leave Canada before the expiry of the permission’s validity. 
Although, this way of getting to Canada is not the most used one, it shows us a path that must be evaluated thoroughly. If you choose to consider it, you must pay very close attention to the fulfillment of the requirements and the course of the whole process. 

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