Last modified 10/05/2023

What are my chances of successfully immigrating to Canada ? :
Getting a full life is not an easy task, not at all. The first obstacle before us will always be money.

The provision of financial resources is the factor that enables us to meet our basic needs (food, clothing, health, etc.) And overcoming (dreams and goals). Everyday, we strive to accomplish our goals without seeing results. But what can we do when we feel that we have opportunities to live well in our country? 

Emigrate. People have the right to seek a better place to translate our efforts and fulfill our purposes. While migration may be the key to fulfilling our dreams, is not an easy task. However, there are different migration destination countries. Canada is one of them and stands out as a nation of immigrants, since immigration programs have existed for over 30 years, and a renowned cultural tolerance. 
In the following paragraphs, I will let you know what opportunities are available for you to immigrate to Canada. It is important for you to know that we only talk about legal forms and those supported by the Canadian federal government. 
The eligibility requirements for immigration to Canada are set to choose among all candidates in the world. These requirements help ensure that those selected to fit the needs of the Canadian government and provincial governments. 
That is, your chances of immigrating to Canada will increase if you meet as many of these requirements. It is essential, therefore, focusing on meeting these specific requirements and, also, to convince the immigration authorities of your importance to the economy of their country. 
These are the key factors that allow you to come to Canada as a permanent resident: domain of one of the official languages (it could be English or French), demonstrate financial ability to meet the first months in Canada by yourself, professional academic and / or broad technical specialties that are in demand in the Canadian job market, as well as having experience in your area of performance. 
For a visa to Canada, there are no drawings or anything similar. The Canadian government strives to have developed processes for the evaluation of all applications that are received. It is important for you to know that there is no need to resort to servicers or agents specializing in immigration issues, because the government does not prioritize these types of requests. The ideal and most economical way of going through this process, involves you dealing with the case by yourself, as well as knowing in detail all the possible information related to the process itself. 
So now you know what to do. First, learn about the requirements established by the Canadian government. Second, make sure that you have a profile to match the economic needs of this country. Third, start the process of applying for permanent resident visa, and do it all by yourself. 

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