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Actually these days, the use of a portable computer or laptop is very common in our society.However this kind of product has became susceptible and also it is on great demand by the criminals.For that reason, on this essay we will talk about the best 5 programs used to track a laptop:
This little program will help us to find the easy and fast way our laptop. Prey works with an open code and it is distributed freely on the internet. Besides it has a compatibility with the operational system like Mac, Linux and Windows.

This program works thanks to the direct reports and the packages of information sent from the laptop, that way it can locate the exact position of the laptop and at the same time the execution of some programs, active connections of red and Wi-Fi, the screen of the principal desk and a picture taken directly with the webcam of the laptop itself.

The principal advantage of the Prey is that it keeps quite since the moment of the installation in the data base of the system and it will act really fast by gathering enough information to send it to the control board of the Prey itself or also it can be sent directly to the e-mail of the user. Likewise, the criminal will no note you are tracking each of his movements one by one.

ADEONA ( This software is one of the most famous programs in the U.S.A. due it help to track and find the laptop efficiently. This kind of program finds the laptop thanks to the IP direction. It is really easy to install because its weight is only 3MB and it is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Rumor has it that in the future; this kind of program will be defunded to cell phone like the iPhone or windows mobile phones. It function develops itself remotely so the criminal cannot note it, once it got connected to internet it will load the IP to be sent to the e-mail. After that, the user will be able to have access to the information from any other computer by entering to the recuperation tools of Adeona. You also will be allowed to see the pictures taken with the tool iSightCapture if the laptop works with the operational system Mac.

FIREFOUND ( It is a program which helps us to know the exact location of the laptop. It works by sending information to the global server which has a total access if you posses a count with the name of the user and a respective secret password created on the Firefound website previously. Besides thanks to this software, you can erase the documents in your system remotely.

LOJACK ( It has the same function like the programs mentioned before, because it helps with everything about the geographic location of the stolen laptop. This software gets installed secretly in the system and one phone call is more than enough to block the total access to the computer. The same way, the laptop will be found thanks to the waves emitted by the machine itself.

LALARM ( This program is a good option if you want your laptop to stay away from the criminals, because it sets a specific perimeter to track the movement of the system so the criminal will not go too far with it. When the laptop is out of the perimeter, it will emit a sound and all the documents and files previously modified with this program will be erased automatically so the important information will be out of the hands of the criminal.

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