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Achieving economic and employment benefits is based on personal effort and human resource policies applied by the company in which one works, so whenever we are awarded with any extras .

It is not badly seen to express our appreciation to others through a formal letter which shows that we are content with our reward and it also must express commitment towards the company and our employer.

Getting a raise in the company where you work may constitute an odyssey and we are not talking about workers who work for companies or institutions that are owned by the Government, which are subject to public policies, but workers who are owned by private entrepreneurs and who depend solely on their decision to grant an increase of wages or salaries to their workers.

But this decision is necessarily based on results achieved by the employee within the company, it is not a charitable attitude of the employer but it is directly related to the contribution that we have made as workers in the process of production and operation of the enterprise and which will be out to light when the performance evaluations of staff are made.

It should be noted that those positive actions that we make to the development of our work must be properly communicated to our immediate superiors, so that we usufruct when evaluations are made, this means our boss to have arguments to justify a salary increase before the appropriate people.

When we see that we have been actually granted with our desired salary increasement, it is necessary for us to thank our immediate supervisor and through him or her, the company, for having recognized our effort, some believe that doing so directly is the best way to thank, which means visiting heads and thanking them, but there are also others who believe and are the most, that the best way to reciprocate is thanking this decision through a letter.

The letter is not a business letter, but a personal letter with heading, content and completion. In the first we have to state the city, date, recipient, and the word city unless the city where our boss is located differs from ours. In the content you should state your appreciation towards the obtained profits and commit yourself to continue striving for personal and business growth.

Finally, in the culmination, you have to set a farewell phrase, which could be from affection or respect, depending on the type of relationship you have with your boss, as well as your signature, your name, your position and the area in which you are currently working at.

City, day, month, year
Mr. Doctor
Elián Parra Basurco
General Hospital  “Oscar Romero”.
It is an honor to address to you in order to greet and thank both you and through you   to the Board by the increase in my remuneration. That attitude does nothing    but keep me committed to the objectives and best interests of the company.
Sincerely yours :

George Tarrillo Carrillo
Planning and Budget Analyst
Accounting and Finance Management

If, despite having made several contributions to the company and having the support of your immediate supervisor, you do not get the raise in your salary, it is necessary for you to establish a plan to achieve it. But it is also clear to note that if after this effort we do, we not get an increase in our salary, it will be enough reason for us to look for another job option.

It is best for you to request a change to another area of business where it is possible for you to be given the increase in your salary or simply for pursuing other options, because whether we like it or not, we have to understand that claiming to improve economic means to change employers.

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