Last modified 10/09/2023

How to add – URL in search engines :

search-enginesURL stands for Uniform Resource Locater and is composed by a series of characters according to a pre established format that is used to recover resources, meaning information, documents and images through the net.

To this chain of characters, an address is assigned to each one of the information resources in the net. The URL is unique for each document or information consulted in the World Wide Web (www), which combines the name of the computer that provides it with the information and the address in which the document is stored, as well as the document name and the protocol for the data recovery.

It can also be classified according to a scheme that usually tells it the net protocol that is been used to recover the file, also the resource information that is been looked, in this case, out document. It starts with its scheme’s name, followed by two points and then a part that must be specified in the scheme. For example: http- resources HTTP, https – HTTP about SSL, ftp- file transfer protocol, mailto.e – mail address, etc.

Regarding the URL adds, they are useful when you have a document that you want to upload into the net; it can be done through search engines with add URL, which include your URL and when someone is looking for the type of document that you have uploaded, he or she can easily find it through the search engine. Most documents that are uploaded into the net today are web sites, which is why the search engine needs the Host’s superior site so it can activate it and see the origin point.

The search engines that provide this service are many and there is one or every taste, because there are different pages that give you a space in their data bases so you can add your file when a search is been done. Among the most known ones we can find the famous and popular search engine Google, from this link you can enter your URL: (, you do not need nothing more than your own URL and to fulfill a form. Another powerful search engine the Yahoo, you can enter your URL site from the following link: ( There is also the MSM search engine, which is able of including several URL addresses without the need of adding it to another form, you just need to fulfill its form and all the web sites you want to add will be available, here is its link: ( Finally, there is, this web site works through an algorithm called expertrank and it performs a search or relevant websites authorized by the net, it goes beyond the sites popularity, what it does is divide it in categories and it searches for the most popular subject and to be able to find your link, it uses the aid of other sites to get it; to be a able to add your URL site you only have to enter to this site: ( and fulfill the form of the sitemaps.

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