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It is impressive how the efficiency of some websites with translation services has made it possible to translate almost any word into almost any language, because most of them maybe possess huge libraries with data, where they are almost comparable with the paid services that some companies do with their services.

However, maybe translators do not present a good aesthetics when providing this service, neither the right tools they have, but leaving this service aside this, the basic service, which is document translation, they provide an almost perfect translation service, due to the fact that, when having to translate the texts it is not likely for it to be completely perfect, which is why the user must have at least a notion of the language he or she is translating his or her file to, so he or she can correct a paragraph which does not have the appropriate sense. 

There are many translators that provide this service, but very few of them are the best. In this, the list of those who could actually translate a document hardly gets to 10. Without a doubt, the best place is the one provided by Google. Among its advantages, you will find that you can translate a whole sheet; you can also introduce texts without a word limit. It also counts with an impressive number of idioms to which you can translate, which are around 34. It comes predefined with the English – Spanish conversion, which is the most used one, which shortens the time you have to spend using it. Regarding the word translator, it counts with the possibility of embedding it in your navigator; it also comes with lots of uses, such as a tool that allows you to hear the correct pronunciation of the word. If you want to visit it, you can do it from the following link:

After the one provided by Google, the Yahoo! translator comes next. It is called Babel Fish and it is a good alternative among translators, it is not as complete as Google’s, due to the fact that it has certain limitations, such as a limited amount of words, but, regarding the translation quality it is very good and you could even say that it exceeds the one offered by Google in terms of the coherence in the translation, besides it possesses a great amount of languages to translate, around 38 languages and, as usual, it also possess tools to translate entire web sites, by simply typing down the address. You can visit it from this link:

Another very good translator is the one offered by the newspaper El; it counts with many limitations, as the fact that you can only enter 800 words in the translator and it cannot translate a compete web site, it does not possess a great amount of languages either and it does not count with tools such as a word dictionary nor embedding in web sites. The good side of this translator is that the translation service is excellent, especially in French and English. You can visit its web from the following link:

Finally, this translator is also recommendable for short documents, especially in languages such as Russian or German. The poly translator counts with 12 languages to translate and it offers a great translation quality, its interface is in Spanish and it is very easy to use. This is its main web site:

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