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Tips and Requirements for Finding a Cruise Job :

Young people who have not had good luck in the workplace should know that there is a wide range of jobs in the cruise industry.
Working in one of these cruises is a very similar expierence to work in large and luxurious hotels, with the difference that is in constant over the ocean.

However, there are a number of jobs in these kind of entertainment, from common and simple jobs to the most bizarre and sacrificed. The good thing about the cruise industry is that this kind of job are for qualified and unqualified people.

In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the requirements you need to work on a cruise:

– The most important, want to get a job.
– Among the main requirements to be met by a person who wants to get a job on a cruise is to be of age at least 18 or 21 years, according to the rules of their country of origin.
– Another very fundamental requirement is knowledge of English, especially if you want to get better paying jobs.
– Therefore, we must say that young people with greater employment options, experienced or not, are those that dominate the popular languages like English, French, Italian, German, among others.
– For people who want to get the best seats is required to have experience in the business which they are applying, not just working on cruise ships, but in hotels, tourist agencies, restaurants, casinos, customer service, etc.
– It is also required that those wishing to work on a cruise are people in good health.
– Therefore, before being accepted, must pass a medical examination, wich indicate that this is a person able to work on a cruise and, especially under pressure. People who suffer from dizziness are not suitable for work in this type of craft.
– It is also required to have a valid passport with a validity of at least six months. In the case of applicants to work on cruise ships bound for the U.S. or come to some port of this country, is required to have the C1-D visa, a visa specifically aimed at cruise ship crew.

– Other requirements are: to be people willing to service, kind and accepting to work with people of different cultures. You must be able to work as a team and under pressure. They must also be sociable, friendly and earnest.
– Be aware that working on a cruise is a stressful experience because there is no rest days and the minimum daily working time is 12 hours.

In summary, work on a cruise is a rewarding experience not only in the pay gap, but professional, because you can work in different areas and get a promotion. Of course, work on a cruise is quite strong, requiring a lot of sacrifice and energy.

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