Last modified 01/25/2024

Information about moving to Germany :

Germany is one of the most influential developed countries worldwide, it has one of the largest economies. This is why many migrants would like heading into this country, but their big problem is German language.

Germany, unlike other European countries, is very demanding when the domain of language, especially in the workplace. Therefore, those migrants who are in search of better employment options should be aware that Germany today is a country of migrants.

This is due to that, in 2005, Germany passed a new immigration law that favors skilled workers from around the world. This means that those migrants and experienced professionals in this country can find a range of opportunities for professional growth and employment.

That said, we must say that the great advantages of emigrating to Germany to work is that it is a country with its economy growing 3.9% and a low unemployment rate (7%). Therefore, those who migrate to this country will be one of the powerful G8 countries and one of the three largest economies in the world.

Many Latin American and Spanish-speaking citizens have the dream of emigrating to Europe and Germany gives huge advantages, except as difficult it is to learn their language, which prevents deal appropriately with Germany. However, Germany, this requires integration of its labor market to immigrants 800.000 professionals. It is this reality that is necessary for skilled workers wishing to migrate to a developed country like Germany begin to prepare and learn the language.

Another advantage offered by Germany to migrants is that it is a country with a high rate of aging. According to the president of the German Institute of Economy, Klaus Zimmerman, due to the increasing aging that exists in this country since 2015, Germany began to lose every year, about 250,000 workers, making it necessary to recruit qualified staff from other countries.

Also, another advantage offered by Germany is that, in recent years has become the third country in the world with more immigrants, which means it is a multicultural nation. Of course, it must be remembered that the Germans are very different from Latin America, there are warm and kind, but rather rigid.

However, are tolerant to migrants, given that people concerned with education.
In fact, currently dominated by a large number of Spanish in Germany, who have managed to grow professionally through the hospitality of the Germans.

Finally, we must say that the German government is in favor of thousands of young immigrants access to high quality education that this country offers. This is so very beneficial for foreign professionals to migrate to Germany for graduate studies, among others. Do not think more, learn the German language and travel to this country to get the opportunities of your dreams.

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