Last modified 01/25/2024

How to buy a GPS device ,GPS buying guide,buying a GPS system tips and advice : 

GPS devices have been one of the boom products in the market in the last decade, because since they were launched to sales, the number of users interested in this technology has done nothing but increase.

This is due to the fact that this technology offers a lot of comfort and security when driving. The first thing we need to know when choosing a GPS is the type of GPS we need, among its kind there are: 

GPS navigators for basic needs. These portable GPS devices offer the most basic functions regarding geographic position, they are very small, easy to install and, also, cheap.

However, the screen they use might turn out to be too small, making it tough to read the written information, besides the maps shown there are not very precise and they do not include the right instructions, which makes it hard to use them. 

Automobile navigators are the most sold type of GPS in the whole world, most of these devices have maps of determined geographic zones pre – installed, many come with voice signs to be able to hear addresses quickly when you are driving and they are designed so people are able to select the most efficient way, meaning the shortest or quickest route. New models also have transmitters that let you know about the current traffic.

Another type of navigators is the marine GPS. These devices are specially designed for navigating in the sea; they have a great memory capacity due to the fact that they have to store extensive map information, as well as from maritime positions.

They are water resistant and they can resist pressures of up to 100 meters, the only thing that might turn out to be a little awkward when carrying these kind of GPS devices, is that they must have a good support, because they need to be hold in a horizontal position.

Dedicated navigators are models that come incorporated to automobiles, these are much more expensive than the ones we have mentioned and they are exclusively used in the car.

They posses characteristics that involve having a much bigger screen and voice signals incorporated, the disadvantage of having it is that, for been so eye – catching, it is easier for them to get stole. 

Other kind of dedicated navigators are the portable ones, which are much lighter and their only task is to show the route of the map in which you are travelling. They are mostly used in cars and they have the advantage of been charged in the car, they possess a GPS receptors and they have great flexibility when simultaneously running with different programs.

There are also navigators for mobile phones, these are cell phones which have GPS devices and navigation systems installed, although they have to be used in zones in which the service is able to reach and the screen and keyboard are not the most adequate ones for a continuous navigation.

Regarding the energy needed to run a GPS device, it is much better to purchase a navigator that has a battery incorporated, because it has the advantage of been portable. That will release us from having to plug it into the car’s lighter socket, besides it can be loaded with routes from any computer we have.

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