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If you are a person who enjoys editing images (signatures or avatars), improving, converting them, and so on, it is necessary for you to have a good image editing program, to have multiple and sophisticated tools that will allow you to achieve a better result, which you will not find using the MS – Paint version pre installed in our XP operating system, because it is very limited.

The most used software and sophisticated there is, is Adobe Photoshop, a program used by professionals and fans of this type of work, its interface has a lot of tools that can complicate the naked eye for newbies but, actually, it also provides simple access to all the necessary icons displayed on the worksheet, such as mask panels or adjustments.

It has a “zoom” tool used to increase and decrease the images’ sizes without distorting the image or lower the pixel quality and it is used to give details or sharpen images that are visible to the naked eye tool has seen or canvas rotation in real time to get a better comfort when working on it, it also has multiple layers to edit images and to give them animation.

There is also the extended version called “Photoshop CS4 Extended” in which you can work with 3D animations and video controls, also support for DICOM images or MATLAB processing routines.
This program is widely used and it is currently considered as a profitable work, customers requested to arrange their photos, such as removing blemishes, wrinkles in the skin, improving body physique, etc. You can download the latest version of CS4 available for Windows and Mac OS X on your own website by clicking here.

Another option would be the ACDsee FotoSlate Photo Print Studio, in which you can work greatly with digital images, you can create photo albums, cards or greetings and recognition events calendars more easily than with other programs.

It has a useful tool, which is as an assistant that helps the user by guiding him or her through some difficulties that may occur with some icons of the interface. There are a variety of predesigned templates to give greater effect to the photos, there are also helping frames for better image brightness without using more space, which may be handled by modifying the templates to go with the tool page designer. You can purchase your trial version here.

A program available for Linux called GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program) which is a program that works as a graphic editor to make some photo retouching, this is cross-platform software that can work with any operating system and it is also multilingual. GIMP is very similar to Photoshop, but it does not match it because it lacks many professional level tools, as most of its functions are amateurs like MS-Paint but more so, of course.

Its latest version, 2.6.7 is ready to be downloaded for free over the Internet. Its new tools usually simplify and accelerate the project alignment tools, scalable brushes, red eye remover, color management, etc. There are several types of ways to accommodate the user interface and these utilities plan to improve, currently under development in version 3.0 that is intended to develop a graphics library GEGL name, such as increasing some plug ins similar to those used by the Firefox browser and a library called Cairo to draw pictures on screen. You can download it here.

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