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Most famose worldwide online universities :

Internet benefits us in many fields such as business, communications and education. Nowadays many people choose virtual education as a means to get a career. If you are interested in studying a career online, we give you a current list with the main online universities.

University of Phoenix Online :
The high quality of its education programs and the excellent service it provides make University of Phoenix Online one of the best in virtual education not only in North America but also around the world. Some of its majors are: Business Management, Information Technology, Education, and Criminal Justice among others. Since it was founded in 1976, it is considered a leader in online education. For more information, visit

Madrid Open University :
Madrid Open University is currently one of the main online universities. Its success is mostly due to the information and communication technology it uses for teaching. It also has a highly qualified faculty. The careers it offers are: Economics, Law, Criminology, Computer Engineering and Journalism among others. Also, it has graduate courses. For further information about this great university, visit

Atlantic International University :
This is among the best known online universities. One of its main advantages is its personalized syllabus which is tailored for every student. It currently has students from over 180 countries around the world. This university’s majors are: International Business, Computer Engineering, Communications, etc. Also, it offers masters and doctors degrees in these and other majors. For further information, visit

International University of La Rioja :
International University of La Rioja is currently one of the best online universities. One of this university’s main advantages and appeals is that its professional degrees are official and valid throughout the European Union.

This university promotes a constant interaction between students and faculty via its virtual classrooms. Its majors are: Business Administration, Law, Political Sciences and Public Management, Communication and Early Education among many others. For further information, visit

Universidad de Barcelona :
Universidad de Barcelona has an online education program for people who want an undergraduate or graduate degree. Among its majors are Digital Literature, Spanish Language, Literature Teaching and Reading, among others. One of this university’s advantages is its many online activity programs. If you want to find out more about its majors, visit

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