Last modified 01/24/2024

Apple QuickTime,Free QuickTime software downloads :

It is a modern multimedia standard technology, which is based in a complex or stored libraries and on its own multimedia player. This software was created by Apple, which elaborated and structures QuickTime, so it had a maximum of compatibility with the great variety of compression formats such as: MPEG; this software is directly incorporated in the Macintosh operative system, and it is used by most MAC applications.

Apple launched into the market two versions for computers; one of those versions is the PRO version, which incorporates a greater number of tools for the user, such as video editing; the facility to encode multimedia files into AVI, MOV, MP4 and MP3 formats; the option of recording audio and video through a microphone and an external cam plugged directly into the computer.

Apple assures that their program, is not just a simple multimedia file player, but a complete multimedia system, created with a great technology to be able to transmit high quality contents through the Internet, at the moment of playing then in any high technology device, as a consequence of what has been mentioned before, it has been named “The edition Swiss Army Knife”. One of the greatest achievements for the new technological advance, is the new tendency incorporated by Apple in QuickTime, which is, without a doubt, the modern technology of the MPEG – 4 format type, which transmits and plays high definition (HD) videos, consequently, a new codec called Advanced video Coding, also known as AVC, was launched; this codec allows playing videos with a better brightness and performance, even overcoming the quality offered by DVD, DIVX, and other types of format.

The final version of the program is elaborated to give origin to contents of great representation, which could be transferred to mobile phones, radio broadcasters, and even through the internet. Besides, this technology can be incorporated to the development of other devices, which allows improving the technological advance, because they count with a consistent base and a great amount of innovative characteristics. It also provides a strong and multiple platform, because QuickTime is a great media distributer and it offers the user a great variety of Apple applications, which counts with more than 250 digital devices, thousands of multimedia CD’s and with a list of more than 250 000 web sites in the net; in conclusion, the user will have at his or her disposal a great library with multimedia content.

Besides, QuickTime has a great interface, which is simple and friendly for the user because, in it, there is no advertisement of other web sites or any other element that is not focused in the program’s work. It has awesome characteristics at the user’s disposable, which include the 3GPP & 3GPP2, the NTSC/PAL codec library, GIF and animated GIF files, compatibility for images in JPEG formats, Photo JPEG and JPEG – 2000 and the Quartz Composer Composition, among others.

In order to acquire QuickTime, you only have to access to the web site of the manufacturer (, and then download any of the two versions; been the only minimum requirements, having a computer with Pentium IV and 128 of RAM memory.

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