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iTunes download on your Mac, PC, iPod, and iPhone and play it. :

It is a program created by Apple, which helps the user to play his or her digital music and any other multimedia file. It is most frequently used by people who possess an Apple device, which manufactured the software exclusively for users of its operative system, MAC, because it helps synchronizing and organizing iPods and iPhones. It has a great compatibility with the Windows operative system in all of its versions.

The software is based on a SoundJamp Mp structure, which is a prestigious application that plays music in MPG formats; this application was elaborated by the company Casady & Greene, which later gave the license and patent of its product to Apple, which created the first version of iTunes, based on the SoundJamp system.

Why should I acquire iTunes?

This program provides the user a wide range of tools, among which the ones of program performance stand out, because it possesses a interface that is friendly with the user; it allows to organize, browse and play music elaborating playlists; the information of any multimedia file that the user has can be edited; besides, it has the option of recording digital music from a CD; it can be purchased through its internet portal, which provides a preview of the music that is going to be acquired; it converts files to different kinds of formats; it has a great variety of open signal broadcasters, which can be found classified according to the music gender; it can support smart playlists, which are set to be automatically updated according to a previously selected criteria; t has the option of playing music randomly, repeating certain songs or from a playlist; you can qualify a song with a score from zero to five stars, so then you can choose to play the music according to the score you set; besides, you can play the music according to the gender, author or album; and, finally, it has a wide range of visualizations when playing one or several songs.

Besides from the tools that were mentioned before, iTunes launched the “Genius” characteristic on its 8.0 version, which is in charge of analyzing the music library, so then it can recommend the user music he or she might actually like.

Maybe one of the best tools that it offers, is its iTunes Store, which was introduced on the 4.0 version, from which users are able of buying, searching and downloading a great variety of songs and applications for both, iPhone and iPods; besides, you can also find series, television shows, cartoons, movies and games; to be able to enter into the portal, the user only has to open up the program and go to the iTunes Store option, which can be found at the left of the interface. Maybe one of its disadvantages is that downloading music does not work for those users who use the Linux operative system, because iTunes is only compatible with the users of Microsoft Windows and MAC OS X. As a consequence, several alternative music players appeared, which are very much alike iTunes, but most of them do not count with their own music selling website.

Where can I get it?

It can be downloaded from its own website ( )

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