Last modified 10/05/2023

Clinical Psychologist resume cover letter :
Good day
I have seen the offered vacant place on the web .
My name is Ana Vergara, I am psychologist, I count with a Master Degree as Strategic Director in HH.RR, and I would like to be part of you excellent company, for that reason I am adding my resume so you can evaluate it.
I have gained a lot of experience in the Services Area by working as secretary, director’s assistant, on the HH.RR area specifically, selection processor, staff’s supervising, and at the administration area and as accountant.
Mi attitude is totally inclined to the duty of service and work, or that reason I want to take new kinds of responsibilities which go according to my professional career, profile and attitude.
Since now I want to thank you for receiving my curriculum vitae and I for sure will be waiting for your answer.
Greetings and thanks for your time
Ana Vergara

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