Last modified 01/25/2024

Professional nurse cover letters – introductory letters examples and templates for resume :
Next we will show you some examples of introduction letters made by a Professional nurse so that way you can elaborate a really good resume; a curriculum vitae can be elaborated even better if you add a good cover letter on it.

You must remember that the final objective of the introduction letter is to show certain aspects which were not mentioned on your resume, and actually somehow it helps the person in charge of the employee selection process to be more interested about you and your past jobs so you can obtain the important job interview .

Example of an introduction letter made by a professional nurse:

Margarita Riva Tuliozzo
C/ Colombia,
1123 Colombia, Pereyra
Tel.: 123456
Distinguished staff’s manager
Roosevelt hospital, NY, U.S.A
Colombia, February 1st 2011

The objective of this letter is to offer my services as nursery chief at your distinguished hospital, so for that reason I really would be honored to occupy that vacant place I just luckily saw on the official website.

Actually these last years I have been working at the principal hospital in my own city, with exactly the same charge and I have been performing an excellent job for over 10 years or more.

During my practice and learning period, I have performed successfully each challenge appeared day after day at many hospitals and other medical centers.

For this experience and other kind of resources and knowledge, which you can check on my curriculum vitae, I really think I could be part of your work group or at least be in consideration by your company.

I really would like to receive some news of you soon enough, for a personal interview of course, I shall say good bye or perhaps just later.

Margarita Riva Tuliozzo
Licensed in Nursery

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