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Professional goals 1:As an Electronics Systems Engineer my main objective is to ensure the quality performance standards and highest production efficiencies using the failure analysis in order to find de root cause of the MFR (Manufacturing Failure Rate) issues. 


Professional goals 2:To use my skills for doing my best in the company which choose me as its employee .  

Professional goals 3:Objective to realize different projects that will allow me to perform the following duties: design, drawing development and supervision, thru budgets and coordination with human resources to accomplished project building goals. 

 Professional goals 4:Fill a strategic position in a world-class company by contributing to its business objectives while strengthening said company’s image and driving its social responsibility programs. 
 Professional goals 5:I want to participate actively and productively in an Oil field Company and  to work based in development of my own abilities, attitudes, leadership and initiative. 
 Professional goals 6:As Licensed Marketing and International Business I would like to qualify for a prestigious company in order to implement my experience of many years in this field . 

Professional goals 7:Looking for a challenging position that would allow me to apply my educational knowledge in different areas.

 Professional goals 8:Work in a Canadian Petroleum wellkown company, have an important experience job in Petroleum field and if it is possible permanent job on this area, apply all my knowledgement and have a good job environment.

Professional goals 9:To develop within an organization, apply school knowledge to develop personally and profesionally, getting better every day and make the right decision to accomplish goals and succeed.

Professional goals 10:To develop myself personal and professional in areas where I can apply my up-to-date knowledge and experience such Human Resources, Customer Service, Sales and PR areas.

Professional goals 11:I would like a job where my experience as an engineer grows by learning and using everything I’ve learned during my professional training throughout these years. I would really like to improve my skills by helping you in everything that you require.

Professional goals 12:To find an opportunity with a company that will allow me to utilize my ability and to acquire a challenging and rewarding position. 

Professional goals 13:Take the opportunities presented overcoming the challenges imposed on me in order to achieve personal growth and dedicate myself professionally.

Professional goals 14:Join an established company or office to be part of its growth and to contribute ideas and knowledge. Learning new things to grow professionally and establish a close relationship with my employers as part of their team.

Professional goals 15:As a professional Webdesigner focus on creativity and conceptual renew needed at any work field.Communication, creativity and diplomacy working together as a main professional objective.

Professional goals 16:As a MBA I would like to apply my Marketing and Managerial skills in an international company.

Professional goals 17:Seeking a position utilizing prior engineering training and field experience to work in an ambient that has good growth potential and challenges.

Professional goals 18:Become part of a company with international projection, where I can use and increase my abilities and knowledge on behalf of their activities.

Professional goals 19:Demonstrate myself that I’m capable to work in any position; besides I’m a person that is open to changes. 

Professional goals 20:Search of a personal and professional continuous overcoming – applying my knowledge, abilities and values-, within my surrounding and directly contribute to its perfection and projection.

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