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They say that neither age nor distance matter when it is about love, so if you’re in love with someone who is not on your side, do not worry, love is more powerful than all, and can give the greater happiness.
Therefore, when you find the right person, fight for it and do not let him or her go. Here we leave a few very good sentences for a long distance lover; they would help you show how much you love that special person, despite the distance. Check out them and take the phrases that you like the most.
Free list of phrases for a long distance love:
:: “Although I cannot see you every day, I miss you so much sweetheart. I know it’s sad not being able to be together, but the day in which we will be together will arrive, and I won’t let you go away anymore. I love you madly”.
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:: “Who said love was not remotely possible? If I love you every time I talk with you, and that is when love transcends, you need nothing more. I love you with sincerity”.
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:: “My love, since you left I have not stopped thinking about you. I know this is only temporary departure, but I miss you, from start to finish of the day”.
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:: “My dear, the days pass and you know this, but so far I just wait for the day in which I would see you , the day in which when we would meet again to love you until the end and never leave you”.
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:: “Love, time passes and you’re so far away, but my love for you grows and grows increasingly. I love you to the end of the universe”.
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:: “We should show the world that even though we are far away we will always love each other , because our love is very special. I know that much that we would finally be together , we should live happily knowing that one day, and the distance has to end. I will love you forever”.
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:: “Why life sometimes seems so unfair? The fact of not having you around is like torture, but I know the day will come and we would finally hug and say I love you to each other. I love you forever by my side”.
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:: “When you love someone you just realize you have decided to give your love to anyone but that person, even if he or she is away from you. That person you’ve chosen is you my love. I love you beyond the stars and hope the day we’re going to be together comes soon”.
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Love is a feeling that has no limits and nothing is impossible for it. Only a few are fortunate to find their true love and stay with it until the end of their days.
Let’s give happiness to that special person by sending a message to let him or her know that you will always be with him / her, so that his confidence will make you stronger. Back on our page soon for you we have many new features with tips and phrases of all types for every occasion. Visit us soon!
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