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sweet 16 thoughts, sweet 16 verses, sweet 16 wordingsCongratulations for my goddaughter on her sweet 16

The sweet 16 party is an occasion most teens dream about. A girl in her 16 starts a new stage in her life, a stage that will be full of new experiences for her. Most of the guests in a sweet 16 party are friends and family such us cousins, uncles, and the godfather.
The godfather of a sweet 16 party is the one who take care of the expenses. He’s the one who pays for the cake, the invitations, the buffet, drinks and other things. The godfather is usually someone related to the sweet 16 girl’s family. Are you going to be a sweet 16 godfather? Would you like to tell her something nice in this occasion? Don’t worry.
In this article you’ll find a list of congratulations for my goddaughter on her sweet 16. These words are the perfect for a sweet 16 celebration.
Free list of sweet 16 phrases:
:: “Today is the 16 birthday party of this beautiful lady, we all know that she’s cute outside and inside and I’m happy to know that she’ll start to fight for her dreams from now on, happy sweet 16”
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:: “It’s an honor to be the godfather of this beautiful 16 year old girl. I’m sure everyone here is very happy for her. She has a wonderful soul and an amazing personality that we all love, happy sweet 16 my princess”
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:: “This night we are celebrating that the prettiest child I’ve ever seen is now the prettiest girl on earth. You life will change since this moment and you’ll learn many important things day by day, congratulations and let’s celebrate your sweet 16 birthday”
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:: “You’re now a girl but seems it was yesterday when I saw you in your mother’s arms, time passes so fats and now we’re celebrating your sweet 16. A new amazing stage in your life is just beginning; happy sweet 16”
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:: “When I saw you going downstairs holding your father’s arm I realized this is a big moment for you, enjoy your 16 birthday and have fun because this day is only once in life, congratulations sweetheart”
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:: “Your beautiful dress and your eyes full of happiness are the proof this is a moment you wanted to live. We all love you and know that your life will be better; I wish you a happy sweet 16”
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:: “Happy sweet 16 for you. All the people who love you are here to celebrate this special birthday; we want you to keep this day in your memory forever because this is the beginning of a new life for you, congratulations”
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:: “When it’s about you, everything is easier; we all love you because you’re a nice girl, a girl who loves to enjoy her life, a girl with dreams and goals, a girl with a valuable heart, congratulations for your sweet 16”
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We hope these congratulations for my goddaughter on her sweet 16 will be appreciated for your goddaughter.
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