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Ideally, if we want to make our loved one feel very valued at all times and that the couple lives forever, then we must worry all the time about making her happy by saying nice things, of the kind that we know that they like and that makes them sigh for having our attention, we have to express our affection whenever we can, avoiding the monotony, preventing the nice love between the two from being lost.

The secret is in the small gestures, the ones that bring a genuine smile that comes from the depths of the heart. When we see two people who really love each other and fight for their love, then it is inevitable to feel happy. I know those couples, do whatever there is in your court to get it and never forget to give all the love you have, you will see that you will get it the same way you give it away.

On the next few lines we bring you some very beautiful messages that you can use to accomplish your goal: let your loved one know how much love you have.

Free examples of love texts:

:: “There may be times in which we cannot be as happy as we would like, but there are many others in which we find the key to happiness. Since I am with you, I know that you were that secret I needed, that missing piece to my heart to be finally happy, content and satisfied. You have no idea how much I love you and I appreciate everything you do for me, all you give me and all that you are. I adore you my life. “
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:: “I feel that the passion we have makes us love each other like this, freely and as long as we like. Having you by my side makes me feel capable of anything, you are my fuel.”
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:: “Being able to rely on you, with those beautiful eyes which look at me captivated, with that contagious happiness and the smell that comes of your skin, I do not need anything else to be happy, that is all for me.”
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:: “Every second I have experienced have been with you, because of you and for you. My life is happy and making you smile is all I can ask for, I do not need anything else. “
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:: “My Achilles heel is you and I am not afraid to say it, because I know that I can trust in you blindly and if I have your love I shall not miss anything ever again in my life, because it is more than enough for me.”
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:: “In short, my life would be completely different if I did not have you with me. I know that together we will achieve great things, unimaginable things, because when there is love, everything else is possible and can become a reality, I have no doubt. “
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:: “I adore you and I thank you infinitely for making me so happy. I never thought I could become so happy, you surprise me every day and I will love you forever, you are one and unique. “
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:: “I know I am far from perfect, but I know there is no one who is. The only thing I can promise you is to love you until the last beat of my heart. For you I am everything you want and need. “
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:: “Ever since I open my eyes you are on my mind, and when I go to bed you are still there, constantly, at all times and at every moment. Nothing could make me happier than to spend my days with you. “
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:: “You are the best thing that has happened to me since I was born. I did not give you permission for coming into my heart, but nothing makes me happier than you did it anyway. I just adore you. “
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:: “People understand conceive relationships in different ways than me. It is not just giving empty kisses, but to becoming a unit to pursue common goals, to strive every day to be better and be together. “
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We hope that through these messages you can express to that person everything you feel about him or her. You can be sure that they will love your message and that they will not be able to take their hands off you, giving you many hugs and lots of love.

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