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Every day, millions of people communicate to each other by email. Emails are useful not only for sending personal messages. We can also attach important files on them such as videos, photos, music, etc. Emails are used for all kind of occasions.

For example, when we want to salute friends for their birthday, to ask our relatives how they’re doing in other countries or to send our resume to get a job. We can use emails for these and other things and the best part is that they’re effective and free.

Now that Christmas is closer, maybe you want to send messages to the people you love. Well, in this article we’ll show you some examples of emails to say Merry Christmas. Send these quotes to your friends and family and wish them Merry Christmas.

Free list of Christmas emails :

– “Hello my friend, I hope you’re fine. Christmas is closer and I want you to know that I really appreciate you. Merry Christmas”
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– “Christmas fills my soul of happiness and when I’m happy I remember all the people that are important to me, I wish you Merry Christmas”
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– “It’s Christmas, peace and love for all the people in the world. I wish the best for all the people I know. Merry Christmas my friend, I love you”
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– “I wish you will be with the people you love in this Christmas Eve. Receive god in your heart and soul, Merry Christmas”
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– “Merry Christmas, get this message full of love and hope, I wish you spend a nice time with all your family”
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– “I haven’t seen you a long time ago but it doesn’t mean that I forget you, I wish the best for you and all your love ones, enjoy this Christmas with your family and I’m sure you’ll be happy”
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– “Christmas is always a special holyday, feel lucky to spend this occasion with the people that make you happy, I send you a kiss, a big hug and my best wishes”
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– “If you think this is the best holyday during the year, congratulations for you, celebrate this day giving love and living in peace with the people around you, Merry Christmas”
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– “This is the first Christmas in which we will be separated, this message is for you and I hope it can make you happy as it did to me. Merry Christmas since the bottom of my heart”
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– “At midnight I will hug everyone in my family and then I will pray for you, for me and for all the people in this world, Merry Christmas”
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– “I don’t mind where you are, my love for you will go to the place you are and will make you happy, in this holyday I always think about you and I ask god to protect you, Merry Christmas”
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We wish these examples of emails to say Merry Christmas will express your love for the people that is important in your life. Christmas is a good occasion to tell the people that is far from you how much you love them.


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