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When we have fun, we are happy and enjoying ourselves, the truth is that time flies and that is universal knowledge. This can happen many times when we are in a relationship, to the extent that we are so immersed in it, so happy and so full of joy that the weeks and the just follow one after another, and suddenly, without imagining it, it is time to celebrate our anniversary with that beautiful person that brings up a smile in our faces no matter what has happened or what will happen. On this day we usually have a special celebration, no matter how small or large, because the main thing is to spend it alongside our beloved one.

But regardless of how you choose to celebrate it, the main thing is that you have the ability to express through a beautiful message of love everything you feel about her, the way that she makes you float in the sky and touch the clouds. On the next few lines we leave you with some examples for you to send or just use as inspiration to make your own.

Free examples of romatic anniversary texts for your girlfriend:

:: “I am writing to tell you all that you mean to me, dear sweetie. You are a queen who has managed to get me out of the hole in which I lived, to show me how to be happy, to appreciate more what I have and how to value myself better.

You have taught me to be happy, my love, and for that I will thank you for the rest of my life. I love you infinitely and I would give my life to make you happy forever. Happy Anniversary and many there be many more to come”.
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:: “Never in my life I thought I could be able to give myself entirely to such an amazing and deep feeling as love, until you came into my life and just changed everything I had known so far.

You are perfection made into a woman and I live to make you laugh because laughter is the only song I can listen and that absorbs me until it takes me to the top, almost next to the Lord. I love you as you have no idea and I plan to do so until I leave Earth”.
Category: Lovely anniversary texts for your girlfriend

:: “I can look at you without blinking for hours, because when you walk into my field of vision, I do not lack anything else, I do not want to know about anyone else and nothing interests me anymore but you.

I would go to heaven and back just to thank the Lord in person for everything that he has done for me by allowing me to get to know you and that you changed my life, giving it an amazing 180 º turn.

I know that since I met you I am not the same, now I feel better in every way and I have only you to thank. You have taught me amazing things and I love learning with you. I hope that in this anniversary we make memories that join us for life, I idolize you, my love”.
Category: Lovely anniversary texts for your girlfriend

:: “Cute baby, can you believe that another year has passed since we got together? It is amazing how fast time flies by your side, I would like to freeze it, that is did not go by anymore, because it is very painful for me that we are so far away, it is like I am missing one of the most important parts of my life. Luckily now in our anniversary we are celebrating in a big way together, I want you to know that I love you”.

:: “Definitely we were born to be together and fate made sure that we met; for that I am eternally grateful, because to live without you, is just not living at all. I wish you the best of birthdays and I will do everything in my power so that it comes out great and that you always remember it. I adore you my life”.

:: “My princess, we are still counting the years together and celebrating our anniversary big time, because there is nothing more wonderful than being by your side, you are the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see when I go to sleep. I want to give you the sky and everything in my power, because I really cannot live without you and I love you too much”.
Category: Lovely anniversary texts for your girlfriend

How wonderful it is to have the opportunity to celebrate your next anniversary next to that person that makes you so happy, in return do everything in your power to return that joy back. We hope to see you soon, come back here anytime that we will be waiting.

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