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what are the main jobs needed in germanyTop most desired employees in Germany :

Currently, Germany experiences an almost 4% economic growth, and so there is a need of adding 800,000 qualified immigrants to its labor market. In this article, we will provide information about the most wanted professionals in the country.

Among the most sought professionals in Germany, probably in the next ten years, there are those related to engineering and telecommunications.
Last year, at the end of 2010, Klaus Zimmerman, president of the German Institute for Economic Research, informed that Germany needs to hire thousands of qualified immigrants for its economy to keep on growing.

Qualified immigrant professionals with the most chances of getting work in Germany are related to these fields: health, engineering, tourism and education. Many of the job positions in the German work market that must be filled by professionals are in industry and management.

Immigrants with management studies have the most chances of working in German territory, not only because they are much demanded, but also because they fit the professional profile required in several positions inside a company or organization. Most managers work as financial counselors, banking officials, etc.

As is well known, Germany is an industrialized country, so it constantly requires civil, industrial, chemical, computer and mechanical engineers to keep up its economy. In recent years, telecommunications engineers, computer analysts and graphics designers have been needed too.

In the health sector, doctors, nurses and dentists are the most sought professionals. Among doctors, the most wanted are specialists such as gynecologists, oncologists, otorhinolaryngologists, hematologists, endocrinologists, etc. Among nurses, the most sought and best paid are geriatric nurses and those with rehabilitation training.

In education, Germany needs to hire pre-school, primary and secondary teachers, especially with science studies. Also, hundreds of professors are needed for positions in universities. To fill those vacancies, faculty must be fluent in German, so most immigrants are not able fill those vacancies.

According to official data, other wanted professionals in Germany are economists, financial advisors, hotel and tourism managers, as well as professionals in logistics and transportation, electricity technicians, welders, mechanics, carpenters, painters, etc.

Highly qualified workers (teachers, scientists or specialized professionals) can be paid over 83,700 dollars a year.

Finally, lawyers, accountants, journalists and writers are the least likely to get a job. On the one hand, lawyers and accountants need to know German laws very well; on the other hand, journalists and writers need to be fluent in German to perform better.

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