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Advantages of migrating to Sidney :

sidneySidney is one of the 10 more appealing cities to migrate in the world and 40% of its inhabitants are immigrants, which turns it to be into a Multilanguage and multicultural city.

Sidney, Port Jackson, Bondy, Maly, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Centrepoint.

Australia is becoming the most important immigration destination in the world, due to the fact that there is not just interest from the immigrants, but there is also an interest from the Australian Government to populate its cities with qualified immigrants with a profession or with an activity.

One of these cities is Sidney, located in Port Jackson is the capital of the South New Gales State. The foundation of the city occurred in 1788 and its name is because of the governor of that time, the British minister Lord Sidney and it has a population that goes over the 4 million inhabitants distributed in its 12 144 squared kilometres of extension.

Sidney is considered among the top 10 cities with better conditions to migrate by the British publication The Economist. Some of these conditions are related to its location in the coast, specifically in the bay that divides Sidney into two parts, connected through bridges, been the north part the less urbanized one, but with a better life level than the south one.

Sidney has a great climate, beautiful beaches to surf, such as Bondy and Manly, and great stadiums for cricket and football, such as the Sidney Cricket Ground and the Sidney Football Stadium. Besides from that, there is order and security on its streets.

Sidney is a multicultural city, not only because of the origin of its inhabitants (the 40% of its residents were born outside of Australia) but also because in it, 30% of its inhabitants speak in English, on its relationship with Australian citizens and among immigrants, but in a familiar level, they use their native languages, Chinese, Indonesian, Greek, Russian, Arabic, Italian and Spanish.

The city of Sidney is subdivided into 300 suburbs and divided in 38 governmental areas, been the most known one Sidney Central Business District, because there is located the Sidney Opera, the bridge known as the Sidney Harbour Bridge, which has approximately 134 meters of longitude and the Centrepoint Tower, which gives a 360 degrees view. The immigrants who reside in Sidney are located looking for identity with their country of Brazilian origin near the beaches, the Chinese near Chinatown, etc.

This situation has made possible the fomentation of multicultural services such as a communitarian library in many languages, a cultural diversity plan that culminates in 2011, services, tools and Multilanguage resources, multicultural projects and information to work with interpreters.
Another appealing of Sidney is the great amount and variety of programs for handicap people, for the citizen and care towards children as well as towards old adults, integrating them to the communitarian live.

Summing up, Sidney is one of the most important cities in Australia, with a Multilanguage population, which provides the city with a multicultural appealing, strengthened by its beaches, bridges and skyscrapers. 

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