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good tips to use whatsapp , free tips to use whatsapp , uses of whatsappHow to use WhatsApp safety and reliably

The application most used worldwide to send messages is WhatsApp Messenger, it is an estimate that approximately 150 million people use it on their cell phones. The reason for having so many users, is that most of them own a Smartphone and use this program where the message sent is free. Unlike SMS, messages sent through this application can have more than 140 characters, WhatsApp Messenger can be used in many phones of many brands and models and in third-generation phones such as a BlackBerry or an iPhone.
Nowadays, some problems have been appeared with the misuse of this excellent application. In this article we will give you some guidelines for using this application reliably.
Good recommendations when using Whatsapp:
Using Wi-Fi:
To use this application what you need is wireless (Wi-Fi), within a public establishment such as a restaurant or a shopping center, you should never use financial transactions, revealing passwords or send or receive photos or intimate things as any information which goes through your phone may be intercepted and might be used against you. To do this, there are programs called “sniffers” which your computer can not detect.
About Posts:
When you send messages through WhatsApp, these are not totally deleted, if you choose the option “delete messages” messages are also deleted but superficially on the computer and that messages are sent and received through this application will be recorded in a database mother.
About Contacts:
The person who owns a Smartphone can download and use this application on WhatsApp Messenger registering under false identities or supplanting an existing person. Before you start using and sending messages or sharing files with this application make sure that the person you speak with is someone reliable.
About Chain Letters:
Lately there have been many complaints about receiving chain letters through this application. Many of the application’s users shared these chains and then they had problems with the use of the application and the use of their mobile phones. We recommend that it is best not to partake of these chain letters because within their content they normally hide malicious code.
Here are some references about using the application WhatsApp Messenger safely and reliably, this tool will be very useful if you use it the right way.
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