How To Use Whatsapp Messenger

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Currently the technology in the field of telecommunications is extraordinary, every day new applications are developed that are practical and quick to use that serve to be able to communicate with everyone on the planet. A good example is Internet in smartphones. The factories of these products also have application developers who we reduce for us the difficulties of life.

These days, one of the most used applications on Android and other modern equipments is WhatsApp Messenger. This application helps you connect with people via text message (SMS) and it gives you the option to share music videos and pictures for free. In this article we’ll show you why and how to use this program and what are its advantages.

Application access

If you want to use the application WhatsApp Messenger , the first thing to do is access the applications from Google Play Store on your mobile phone. Once accessed, the application WhatsApp Messenger can be installed to your computer.

Advantages of Use

With this application you can communicate with multiple people or friends via text messages or perform real-time conversation (chat).
You can also create chat groups, share photos, videos, music, files, etc.

The first year of communication through this application is totally free, after the year the rate starts to cost an average of $ 0.99.
Sending messages and files for WhatsApp Messenger is extremely fast and has no problems for delivery.

Besides using 3G technology, WhatsApp Messenger can also use Wi-Fi signal, if you have access to a wireless network.

You can also share your location with your other contacts via WhatsApp Messenger application.
WhatsApp Messenger has the advantage of being compatible with many models of smart phones, some of them are: iPhone, BlackBerry, iPod touch, iPad and other phones that work with the Android platform.

Those using WhatsApp Messenger have the facility to communicate regardless of whether their mobile phones work on different platforms.

WhatsApp Messenger has global coverage; users of this application are always in contact with people from other countries in the world and it helps to maintain contact with their friends and family who are traveling.

If you have friends who own a third generation cellular you can also invite them to download and use this wonderful application called WhatsApp Messenger.

Today WhatsApp Messenger is an application used by millions of users around the world, use this app on your mobile phone and give yourself the advantage of being connected to a large network of friends.

We have detailed some of the main advantages of having WhatsApp Messenger, do not waste time and download this application right now. Save time and money and communicate easily with people around the world.

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