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In modern times do people really believe in astrology ? :

Astrology arose at the same time as astronomy, but given the interest of those in power in “guessing” the future with domination aims, it became more important. But it is not so important now because science knows now that planets have changed positions in the meantime, therefore the positioning of the signs of the zodiac does not make sense anymore.

Since the beginning of time, human beings have always tried to “know” the future to “dominate” the present. And to do that, there was nothing better than looking for the man-destiny relationship in the movement of the planets, stocking up with tools and knowledge that have been transmitted for ages in closed power circles, and together with religion made up a powerful tool for political domination.

By the way, this link was broken in the Middle Ages, when the Catholic Church condemned it as “obscure”. Actually, in the Bible fortunetellers and soothsayers were already considered an abomination to God (see Deuteronomy 18, 10-12)

But in modern times of culture and knowledge, human beings are still looking for answers about their destiny in a list of zodiac signs. When these symbols were created, they reflected in the skies a position of planets that has changed tremendously in more than five thousand years. Although they know that astrology is not a science, there are people who study it.

Many people gladly identify themselves with their zodiac sign: those who were born between September and October say “I am a Libra”; those who were born between the end of March and the first 20 days of April say “I am an Aries”. Knowing their sign would mean acknowledging their personality profile: they are expressive, introverted, irritable, sentimental, aggressive, almost poets, or simply musical. However, they forget that the positions of the sun and the planet which is supposed to rule them were totally different when they were born than they are today.

If astrology defines our sign and destiny on the basis of our birth date and time, then it does not make sense to look up our sign for a defined personality profile, because all people born at the same time as us would be identical to us, and there is still no proof of this.

In ancient times, it was thought that gods lived in the planets. This explains why the heavenly bodies were considered fundamental to know a person’s destiny and personality. That is not the case in the XXI century, when knowledge about the heavens is not imagination but fact, because of researches done with telescopes, satellites and probes sent by the NASA and the European Space Agency. Furthermore, we do know now that distances between planet Earth and other planets are immense.

Moreover, it has been known since the XIV century that Earth is not the center of the planetary system, but the sun (Nicolaus Copernicus), and astrology’s fundamental principle depends on the planets’ position referred to Earth.
Almost all newspapers around the world have a small section with the 12 signs of the zodiac and a daily forecast.

Perhaps somebody might think this is more than just entertainment, and actually believe that the fortune for Virgo will be true for the thousands of people born on that date.

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