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Conferences through the internet :

On the present days it is really common to make video calls and start a conversation with people on different places around the whole world thanks to the advanced technology created for the communication. Many people use this kind of communication way to share or maybe to exchange documents, applications, multimedia files between others. 


Besides, this way of communication has a great benefit for the area of work and business, because it allows developing new projects with conferences on real time, so that way the people can save money and time if the case demands a lot of time and a regular conference is something you cannot afford to.

This kind of communication uses the IP direction to identify each person independently from the number of local servers. To initiate the conference you must invite the user through connections of electronic directions, after that you have to fill in the respective data of the user (name and password) to keep the privacy during the communication. Once this minor activity was successfully done, the users can check the principal desk of the person at the other side of the screen so they can share or exchange any kind of document freely and without any kind of interferences.

The desk of the principal user will be checked and viewed by the people on real time, so they can have access to the data base with the stored documents on the computer as long as the principal user allows this process. If the access is already granted, the incoming person will have control of the mouse and the keyboard, also the files, documents, presentation and animation of some power point documents, interactive chat and the internet exploration process too.

As we mentioned before, the great advantage of this kind of conference is that each user can be located on different places around the whole world; the communication will not be affected because it works virtually on the data bases. Likewise, the assistance employees will be allowed to search for information through the remote desk of the host.

This great advance is offering to many people the chance to save money and time, because they will not have to spend money on tickets to travel to different countries for a simple but important conference. So that way, this new option increases its own projection as a great resource for the future communication.

The security level offered by this kind of service is really limited, because the files which are being shared between the users can be affected by a virus attack, for that reason, it always works with the numbered protocol SSL of 128 bits, to transmit the safest way all the information and data without any risk at all.

To use this kind of service, you just have to hire a server which can offer a space for the host. On the current market, there are many companies offering this kind of service, maybe the most famous is the Mexican company WEBEX (, this service uses its own PC software at host level to link the data and information with the other user so easily.

Finally, we do not have to forget about the American Company DIMDIM (, this one helps freely to the user with the basic services of a virtual conference (sending of data and application); to acquire this product, you only have to visit its own website and later you must download the respective application. It is also important to mention that the DIMDIM must be installed on each computer to develop the virtual conference process successfully.

The requirements to execute these or other kinds of programs to perform a virtual communication are: you have to count with a web navigator, a 1 GHZ processor or better, a RAM memory with at least 1 GB of capacity, ActiveX and JavaScript.

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