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How is the life of an immigrant in the USA ? :

immigrant-lifePreparing the mood, the language and the professional certification, will allow the immigrant who enters into the United States through the legal way, to get a job appropriately remunerated, which will let him or her, not only to access to privileges and benefits that the American system provides, but also, to a better life quality.

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The situation in the United States of America after September 11 of 2001 has become extremely tough, basically, for national security matters. This is why it is not recommended to come as an illegal, because you never know when the Immigration Service might caught you; they will send you to jail, summit you under a trial and deport you back your origin country, losing everything you might have got, including you house, car, present and future, been forced to start over.

If you think there is a chance to become legal, it is a very remote possibility, almost inexistent; because it would mean that the Congress would have to regulate, not only your situation, but the situation of millions of undocumented people, which makes it unviable, even though, sometimes it is referred to as if it was true.

It must be told to people who want to live in the United States that, there, only the ones who have money travel to make tourism, the ones who does not, must work, because you might earn well, but you also spend well.

The development of an immigrant’s life in the American territory will depend in how well he or she prepared for this trip, looking to get to know the costumes and zone’s idiosyncrasy, the rules and laws that must be obeyed, the language and the frame of mind the person has to handle the American environment.

The one who wants to come must be mentally prepared to handle whatever might come, and not think that because he or she is already in the United States, his or her future is solved, there must be consciousness about the individualistic behavior of the people here and that everything goes around work, credit and savings.

This is why it is vital that when a person decides to migrate to the United States, has already found a job, because the United States of America does not admit people because they want to work, but because they have accomplished an American company to offer them a position, because the company thinks they are the ideal candidate. In this way, the migration becomes legal, increasing the chances to progress and achieve goals.

Another very important aspect is the command of the English language, because the better job opportunities and better pay ones are in the zones in which the predominant language is English; besides, it allows you to increase your relationships circle, which, at some point, might help you to improve your working situation.


Once in the United States, the immigrant, as everybody else who comes to live to a new city, the first thing that he or she must do is to become aware of how it is distributed to be able to be located and move around it.

Immediately after arriving, the driver’s license must be obtained, as well as the State I.D and the State Identification Number, which will have the same number and which are valid for the time the given visa lasts. If we are forced to return to our country of origin, whenever we return to the United States, we only have to renew it and it age will include the previous time of residency.

Remember that each state emits its own license and State I.D and are recognized all over the country, because the federal government does not emit them. After 9 / 11, the immigrant must proof his or her migratory situation to obtain the driver’s license, which, in the end, functions as a legal identification document.

Also, been an immigrant with an authorization to work, means that the person must process a social security number, which will allow the access to a series of benefits provided by the state and / or federal government.

If the immigrant has difficulties, he or she can turn to non – governmental entities, for health matters mainly, because if he or she turns to the government, it is probable that, later, some trouble with the permanent residency might occur.

Summing up, the life of an immigrant is pretty tough and with less chances if he or she is not properly prepared in the command of English and the procedure to access to the United States.

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