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Writing a good professional profile on our curriculum vitae is really important if we want to get the vacant place on any specific job.

Do not forget that the professional profile is the first part we write on the curriculum vitae, so the first thing the person of selection or choosers will be the professional profile, keep that in mind.

Now then, you must remember, the most of the companies offer a vacant place to be occupied, the receive a lot of curriculum vitae and almost always each one of them has the same information, for that reason, it is necessary that you explain carefully and with many details your knowledge and professional skills and your gathered formation which shows to the person in charge of the selection you are the right person to obtain the vacant place, because you posses the right requirement to a great development in that specific area.

It is also good to mention that the professional profile is an important aspect of the curriculum vitae, but at the same time is a short text. For that reason, it is necessary to make mention of your career, knowledge and professional skills on a very clear and quick but attractive way.

But, how do I write a good profile? Perhaps you have been getting serious troubles writing your professional profile, but do not worry about it, because you are not the only one, actually it is a really pain in the a**.

To be honest, there are many people who cannot write correctly and specifically their own professional career, because nobody wants to be judged or criticized. However, it is important and worthy information so we have to write this as good as possible.

The moment when you are going to write your professional profile, just try to write and specify the knowledge and skills involved with the area or position at the job you are attempting to. Many people make a mistake and always use the same curriculum vitae for each work, with the same professional profile descriptions, and trying to get the same vacant place. Before sending your curriculum vitae, it is recommendable to double-check the area or position you are attempting to and according with the required area you will be able to update you curriculum anytime you need to.

But remember, it is not only about writing a good professional profile but to demonstrate we are that professional we described on that piece of paper. For that reason, while you are writing your curriculum vitae, it is important to remark the achievements and the experience which will show that we have those skills, that knowledge and the intelligence enough to be part of the company.

Here I will show you some excellent examples of good professional profiles.

Example of professional profiles 1:
::Licensed in Laws of the Catholic University, specialized in constitutional laws, with experience about analytic norms and descriptions established through the constitutional rights and demands of legislative norms. With good inter-personal relationships, leadership capacity and with a high sense of the responsibility and justice.

Example of professional profiles 2:
::Journalist specialized in radio and TV communications and gadgets, with over 10 years of experience with the creation of strategies and radio programs, social campaigns and special communication projects. Also university teacher of radio and TV projects. Creative, responsible and full of courage.

Example of professional profiles 3:
::Industrial engineer with a bachelor’s degree in the University of Lima, with over three years of experience on the area of agro-industrial companies. With knowledge and skills about productivity, logistic, inventory, quality control and expenses. Expert on industrial security.

Example of professional profiles 4:
::Licensed industrial engineer, with a good initiative and even better communication, team-work capacity and leadership skills. With experience with the planning and the designing of new production and service method, maintenance planning, diagnostics, market studies and investment projects.

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