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With the advent of the Internet a gap is filled, the one that separated the candidates for employment with the determined place of work, becoming important out of national borders.
United States is a country in which there are a variety of jobs that can be done from home if you have the necessary resources, specifically Internet access. Among the variety of jobs we can find sales, programming, video editing, web design, text translation, accounting, etc.
In this article we will descript with details a list of online work which you can apply in the United States, as well as the requirements needed to apply to them.
Freelance Jobs
This type of work is one in which you perform a task that you have been commissioned by another person under mere verbal agreement.
So you can create websites, do translations etc. The greatest benefit of working this way is that you can set your own hours as only answering for the work done.
A large part of the people who work in Freelance jobs is generally performed in their free time to take a little extra income. Then we will tell you which are the requirements for the following jobs:
Translators: for a translation is important to know English at an advanced degree in addition to any other language. You must have knowledge in office (Word, Excel) as well as tools for Internet use.
Web Content: to develop content for web pages you need to master the English language and it is better if you master other further. Also you need to have a mastery of office of the various techniques for the preparation of briefs.
Web Design: to work designing web pages you must have knowledge and mastery in programming and management of programs such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage. Additionally if you work for a page that is dedicated to the marketing of products, you should have some understanding of marketing.
There are also many jobs that can be done through the network, a special mention have Sales. So managers find Facebook pages dedicated to promote products, find customers, contact them and make arrangements in for shipments.
To perform this type of work in the United States you must meet certain requirements.
1. – Having a computer that allows you to connect to the Internet quickly and reliably.
2. – Knowing a language other than English.
3. – Have a mastery of Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, Power Point.
4. – Know how to use different programs of searching and social networking experience.
5. – Have come of age and have a bank account. It is recommended that you join a online deposit service such as PayPal (
Do not forget that before you start to work you must make sure you understand what your functions will be so make all the necessary consultations the employer to clarify those things. It is also important to have reached an agreement on payments. If you do not have a steady job can find one on page
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