Last modified 01/27/2024

How to optimize Windows Vista,Optimize Vista, Vista Optimizer,Optimize Windows Vista?

When comparing it to Windows XP, Windows Vista requires the computer to have a higher virtual capacity, due to the fact that this new system, launched at the beginning of the year 2007, consumes more system resources and, as a consequence, it can cause the computer to be unstable, showing slowness when using programs or applications. In the following content, you will find a few steps that could help you making your Windows Vista optimized and making it consume fewer resources.

In order to be able to optimize your operative system, the first thing you have to do is to deactivate the remote differential compression option, because this utility consumes part of the system resources to continuously verify the files of other computers. To stop using this option, you have to go to the control panel menu, then to “Programs and characteristics”, then choose the “Activate or deactivate Windows’ characteristics” and, finally, you proceed to choose the option to deactivate where it says “Remote differential compression”.

The next step you have to follow is to remove the option of Index Service provided by Windows Vista, which is useful for the system to locate faster those files that are available when beginning to look for a file or document, due to the fact that this system’s option uses a larger amount of resources and gives less importance to the computer’s performance. To be able to remove this option you go to the Start menu, then right click where it says C unit, then, once you are in the general gap, you deactivate the option that says “Allow Index Server to index the hard drive in order to speed up searches” and, finally, you chose the option where it says “Include files and sub files”.

The third thing to do is to deactivate the Windows Defender; this application protects, eliminates and blocks Spyware, Malware and any other type of malicious code that could penetrate your computer but, at the same time, it is worthless, because most users have an antivirus software installed in their computers, so it is much better to deactivate it to reduce the usage of system resources. In order to be able to deactivate it, you have to go into the control panel, then to the option where it says Windows Defender, then chose options and remove the check from the option “Automatic start when Windows starts”.

Likewise, it is necessary to deactivate the option of Automatic Defragmentation of the Hard Drive, which is very important to improve the hard drive’s performance, but it is recommendable to use this option manually, because it consumes a huge amount of the system’s resources by leaving this option activated. To stop using this option, you need to address yourself to the Start menu, then right click on the C unit, and once you are inside the Tools menu, deactivate the option that says “Program”.

Finally you could deactivate the necessary amount of useless applications used by Windows, which consume a great amount of unnecessary resources and, once they are deactivated, they give a better performance to the computer. To deactivate these options, you have to go to the control panel menu, then to programs and once you are in there you have to chose characteristics, so then you can activate or deactivate Windows’ characteristics and deactivate the options of: Window’s DFS replication service, Windows Meeting Space, Tablet PC optional components, Windows Fax.

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