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A blog is an internet service used as a communication media between people who surf the net, which publish some sort of information in a very simple and comfortable way. In the same way as the author of each blog, the reader is free to comment, criticize or simple post a note in the blog, so then the author can respond if he or she wishes to, which will give origin to a dialogue between the reader and the author.Creating a blog is very simple, because the only thing the user has to do is follow the steps listed in the screen, which vary according to the chosen provider.

Currently, there is a wide range of companies that provide the blog service, among these we find the following:, WordPress, Zona libre,, Movable Type, Roller Weblogger, among others.

The blog is composed by several parts; the first one is the post or entry, this is the main part and it is where the blog’s author can type the information he or she wishes to; the amount of characters that can be inserted has no limit, due to the fact that many related pages could be created treating the same subject; next to the post, we find the comments, this part corresponds to the readers of the blog and it is where they can write any opinions related to the treated subject; the author can also use this comment section to respond to the readers, which makes the blog to grow and be richer, originating a greater interest from both, the author and the reader.

Then there is a temporality part, in which you can place the date and the hour of the publication of each post, there are also the themes in relation to each publication, which are classified according to the subject and the publication date, which is why, when looking at a post, you can visualize similar links that are connected to the theme of the post you are looking at, in the same way in which you can observe posterior and former dates from the post’s publication.

Links help to diffuse communication through references, which makes easier for the reader to obtain information that might be contained in other blogs; in order to achieve what is mentioned above, there is a wide range of functional tools, which allow accession to other blogs, an example is the fixed or permanent link, which is an URL created by the blog’s system and inserted by the author in each entry or blog post. Another important and very helpful tool, is the trackback or ping pack, which is a link that functions in an inverse way, by letting know which links point to a determined post; in this way, it allows to notify another blog that one of its entries or posts is been quoted and, at the moment the blog receives the notification, it will create a permanent link, which will lead the reader to the place in which the quoted post is located.

Also, among its tools, you can find Blogroll, which is an index of links of other blogs that the author has inserted so reader can access to more information of the subject treated in the entry or post.
Following all the information mentioned above, you can proceed to create your blog, you only need to go to one of the following websites and follow the steps mentioned there: (, ( , (, (, (, (

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