Last modified 01/19/2024

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If you are looking for someone in particular, whether you have not seen him or her since childhood, elementary school, secondary school, high school or college, and you would like to know what he or she might be up to, or if you just want to do some research about someone you are interested at, well you can do it in a very simple and complete way through the Internet.

According to a study in which several web sites were analyzed, around 21 sites that will help your searching whoever you might be looking for, have been found.

However, some tines these search engines are not as precise as you wish they would or there is also the possibility of finding information about the person that is not up to date and they might confuse or mess up your search by giving you misleading information or resulting with a match with too many people.

Many of these places look people in the famous social networks that are very popular nowadays, thanks to these sites, it is very easy to find someone you are looking for or do some research on the person just by looking at their profile; however, many people think that this might be considered as a danger for people, because they help delinquents, such as kidnappers, to have access to our information in the simplest way.

But, besides that, social network sites, such as Facebook, Hi5, MySpace or Sonico, turn out to be a good aid to find someone in particular.

The web sites that provide the necessary information to find the person you are looking for are many, but the most known ones are:
WINK: This server looks in thousands of social network sites and, also, in web pages that contain a particular profile. According to its creators, Wink is the number 1 site to find the person you are looking for, because it counts with connections to thousands of the social network profiles and other sites, which add up around 200 million profiles. 

All of these can be obtained, by simply writing down the name of the person you are looking for, but if you require more precision, you can also add more information, such as the location of the person you are interested in finding.

Another very popular site is Reunion: It is also a very good people finder, more and more people access to their data base and it counts with connections to other social network web sites, which allows to be connected with family members, colleges or friends. It has about 50 million profiles, in which you can find detailed information about the person you want to locate.

123 People: This site is slowly becoming one of the best people finders; as in the others, it also counts with connections to various social network web sites and it has a data base with detailed information of the person you wish to find. You can find both, pictures and information of your family member or anyone who is related to you, because it counts with more than 500 million profiles in the web, which are able of ensuring that you will find anyone in the planet by just entering his or her name, and you can also add any other additional information.

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