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Christmas, Christmas in Colombia,  Colombian Christmas, Celebrate Christmas in Colombia, How Christmas Is Celebrated in ColombiaDo you want to know…How Christmas Is Celebrated in Colombia? :

Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries in South America, and among the countries where Christmas is most popular. Colombians are known for being very kind and friendly, as well as good music and dance lovers.

Colombians have many ways to celebrate Christmas. Their ways and customs to celebrate this day depend on the city where they live. But there is no doubt at all that in Colombia people welcome Christmas happily and in family. In this article we will learn a bit about how Christmas is celebrated in Colombia.

On Christmas Eve, families gather to welcome baby Jesus. At midnight, all relatives hug and wish each other a Merry Christmas, and then leave home to greet their neighbors and people they meet on the way. This is probably a way most Colombian cities celebrate Christmas, by giving the Christmas hug. This custom shows how friendly and cordial Colombians are to each other.

Christmas is officially celebrated on December 25, but in Colombia festivities and the Christmas atmosphere can be felt up to a fortnight before that day. One of the Colombian Christmas customs is the traditional Christmas dinner. Although the main plate is the worldly famous “Christmas turkey”, famous fritters with custard are also eaten. These delicious snacks delight adults and children alike, and they are mostly consumed in December.

Unlike other countries where children write a letter to Santa Clause or the three wise men asking for toys, Colombian children write a letter to baby Jesus. They leave the letter near the crib and the following morning they wake up to a big present on their bed.

After the Christmas dinner, children go to sleep and adults celebrate the birth of baby Jesus their way. Very usually streets are decorated with garlands and chain stitches, which will be the dance floor when Colombians celebrate Christmas the way they prefer: dancing. These festivities generally last until dawn, and they are more often in working class neighborhoods.

In the city of Medellin, it is traditional to light the river Medellin. This has become one of this city’s main Christmas attractions. This river’s illumination is a way to embellish this part of the city, and also a message to make everybody become aware and take care of this beautiful spot in Medellin. It is traditional that people walk down the river side or ride buses down the river. Lights are lit on December 7 and are turned off on January 12.

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Christmas, Christmas in Colombia, Colombian Christmas, Celebrate Christmas in Colombia, How Christmas Is Celebrated in Colombia

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