Last modified 10/09/2023

hostingHosting, as you might have noticed, is a word that means to host or to store, applying this term to the internet, this word refers to host a web site in a server so it can be hosted in a web server, this service is in charge of providing the users a system so they can store information, images and videos through the internet.

The web host types are varied; they can be classified into six categories: free, shared, resellers, virtual servers, dedicated servers and in collocation time.

The free hosting type: is for the users who have recently started with the creation of web sites, because the tools that it provides are very limited, meaning that the size for its web sites is not much bigger, and that they are always linked to some sort of publicity or spam, besides that the fact of the traffic that is in there is very limited.

The shared hosting type: this type of service hosts several sites of the users in the same server, because it has a program which works as a web server, this alternative works for those who are looking for a low price for a good service, because it is directed for the little and medium company.

The reseller hosting type: this service is directed to the persons or companies who provide space for other persons, these come in packages with enough capacity and several domains.

The image hosting type: this service offers saving images through the internet, usually is it free and the costs are usually covered with the publicity of the web site.

The virtual server hosting type: it uses VMWARE or VIRTUOZZO virtual machinery, and its service is renting the control or a PC which is, supposedly non shared, and they add up all the application it requires, this kind of service is more directed to design companies and to the development of web sites.

The dedicated servers hosting type: this service is dedicated to provide some user the total control of a PC and for that, it has the responsibility of managing it, but the company is in charge of keeping it in good shape and of the internet connectivity, these usually do the maintenance from their control centers and through a remote control.

The collocation hosting type: this service consists in been able to rent or sale some sort of physical space, it usually is in the command center, so if a client wishes, he or she can take his or her own equipment, meaning renting a place, and the company is in charge of the electricity and the internet connectivity, the client is the one managing the server and the hardware.

The types of web hosting are different from each other in the fact that they count with a different operative system, a data base and a web site generator engine, the combination that these companies use is like Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

The most known companies that offer this free web hosting service are: Free webs (, Award Space (, Orgfree (, 50Webs (

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