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When we are happy, when we feel satisfied with life and we do not need anything else to smile, then everyone notices, it can be seen miles away and there is nothing better than a contagious joy that not only makes us happy, but it makes the rest happy as well. We believe that in this era of rapid technological change, it is important that, as long as we do not lose ourselves in technology and push get away from people, we must take what is given to us in the best way, promoting an approchement with our loved ones.

What better way to accomplish this task, than to share with them nice messages of happiness that bring out a smile from them, that will improve their outlook on life and make them are more optimistic. We recommend you do it through WhatsApp because that way it can be instantly and in real time. Up ahead we offer you some examples for you to choose your favorite, but it would be very nice if you gave them your personal touch, making them feel that it is a special message for each of them in particular.

Free examples of happiness texts for whatsapp:

:: “If we are able to maintain a positive, cheerful and optimistic mind since we get up, then there will be no way for us not to do well, because the positive vibes only attract more of the same. Let us be surrounded by people worthwhile and that bring up a smile, not those that limit us or harm us. “
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:: “Keep in mind that the secret of happiness is within ourselves and that we will be able to get to it if we do our part, if we keep a good perspective on things. Sometimes we believe that the day in which we reach a certain goal we will be happy, that at the moment we can buy something we desire we will have no problems, but living this way does nothing but push us away from the enjoyment of the little things in life that happen all the time and that, unfortunately, we do not always pay attention to. “
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:: “Try to cheer up, since you are alive, you can experiment all that you want and the whole world is yours.”
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:: “Detaching ourselves from material things is the best we can do if we are to be truly happy. If we succeed, then our hearts will be filled with what is really worthwhile and not of inconsequential things. “
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:: “If we are happy, then it will be reflected even in the way that we look, in the way that we continue to engage with the rest, and even in the way we treat our neighbor, everything will look better and we will be happier. “
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:: “Laughing and being happy is the best thing you can do, facing life like that will reduce the tension we feel and cool down the raft we may have with other people, give an opportunity to this way of living, you will definitely see that you will not regret it and that everything will gradually improve. “
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:: “Being able to laugh, feeling happy about the good things that happen to us and to others, makes us generous and balanced beings and allows us to live in peace. Keep in mind that if you do, then everything will be well. “
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:: “Try to start your mornings with the best disposition you have, and the things that happen will be experienced with more joy and you will have a better chance for everything to turn out great.”
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:: “Smiling at others allows us to show a part of our soul, of what we are and of what we can give, so we should try and be transparent, always sincere and honest.”
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:: “Never let the darkness and negativity of non optimistic people get into your life and remove the spark you have always had, because it is one of the best features you have that will always allow you to be happy forever.”
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In the days that we have, if we live happy and with happiness, then the people around us will also feel good and seek to be closer to us, so let us spread the happiness and good things in life, because optimism is the best way of dealing with life’s obstacles. Remember to return to the webpage for more advice.

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