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The efficient work of any collaborator has to be recognized by their bosses, so that they feel more encouraged to fulfill their responsibilities well. This recognition can be expressed personally, which means that his superiors will go to express their greetings for the outstanding participation in the company.
Another way to express this recognition is in written form with a letter in which they will manifest their compliments and gratefulness for the work. In this article we give you a couple of sample letters for good job performance so you can send them to your most outstanding workers.
Example letter No. 1 for a good performance at work:
Caracas May 7, 2012
SAC Metalworkers
Staff Welfare department
Brazil Avenue n ° 401
Tel 275-01130
Juan Cardenas Lopez
Production department
Congress Avenue n ° 9770
Tel 753-9227
Dear Mr. Cardenas
The INDUSTRIAS METALURGICAS SAC company through the human resources department sends you this letter to inform you of the following.
At this time of the year we want to make a recognition for notable work performance so far this year. As head of the area you are responsible for the daily production of all the products of our company.
We reviewed the reports of the first quarter of this year and have been pleasantly surprised that the productivity of your department has improved considerably.
There has been a 47% increase in production over the previous quarter and that responds to the commitment and dedication you have put into the execution of your responsibilities.
Your way of motivating subordinates has also made your area achieve your performance and therefore is in the welfare of the company and all its employees
Congratulations on your exemplary work, INDUSTRIAS METALUGICAS SAC appreciates your performance and wants you to continue your strive to meet our objectives.
Example No. 2 for a good performance at work:
Quito August 3, 2012
Financial Progress
Human Resources Area
Av Sucre n ° 0
Tel 831-7363
Montes Luciana Otero
Credit and Collections Area
Isabel La Católica Avenue n ° 288
Tel 837-5329
Dear Ms. Montes:
The human resources area of Financiera Progreso extends its warm greetings to express the following.
In the meeting that took place last week, the general directory of our institution was surprised with the decrease in the delinquency of our customers.
In Financiera Progreso we are grateful with your impeccable work and with the smart measures you have implemented.
This letter is to acknowledge your valuable work focused on making improvements in the relationship with customers through incentives implemented for the payment in time for the loans we offer. It is our goal that all other areas implement efficient plans that end up benefiting everyone.
Financiera progreso wants to thank you again for your outstanding work and your project which has proved successful.
We congratulate you on your outstanding professional work and for going along with the goals of this company.
Financiera Progreso
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