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To confirm that our computer is always perfect we must upkeep the antivirus to avoid problems. We must be very careful with mobile devices such as USB sticks and memory cards we connect to our computer. Some computers can transmit their infected virus to our PC, or to our mobile devices already mentioned.
Also when we receive spam emails which sometimes contain malicious viruses that could pass as unnoticed to our antivirus program. For these and many other reasons we need to occasionally analyze our computer. Then we will give the name of some programs that are free via online.
Mc Afee
This is an antivirus program, you just simply have to visit the official website (, you can download for free the program McAffee Security Scan Plus, this program will help you to scan your computer and detect if you have a virus or malicious code.
It also helps you to do it safely and quickly to avoid having problems with other applications. The online analysis McAffee will let you know if your computer is infected or not by, whether slightly or high risked, undesirable virus and what could be the alternatives for you to take them for the caring of your PC.
The Panda Security comes with a virtual tool that will help you detect viruses in your PC. Just enter the official website ( and start using it for free, this version is the Panda ActiveScan 2.0. This program has a high upper capacity that will help you quickly detect any virus on your PC.
The Panda ActiveScan 2.0 is a simple program that anyone can use at home because it is easy to use. The analysis of this program gives you a quick report and detailed reviews of all infections that your PC has suffered.
This is a virtual program whose function is to detect the virus and possible threats to your computer. Just enter the official website ( and click on the thumbnail to download the Kaspersky Security Scan.
This will help you for free to make a detailed analysis of your computer trying to find a virus, in addition to find the virtual virus, this program will give the location of the malicious code as well as some tips to protect your computer from future viruses.
This is one of the most used programs to defeat viruses, which performs by a detailed analysis of your computer for free. Just enter the official website ( where you will find a tool called Bitdefender QuickScan, which will help you perform a full scan of your PC in just sixty seconds.
The analysis done for this program will feedback to you a list of all viruses found on your computer, but as any other antivirus would do, Bitdefender QuickScan will not slow your computer, it is very simple to use and is always updated to the last and more threatening virus on the internet.
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