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The current intelligent phones, or smartphones, allow us to perform an endless amount of activities beside making calls and sending text messages.
By having its own operating system, you can download a lot of applications to enhance the functionality of your equipment, other applications allow you to make free calls, find friends or take pictures and then edit them.
But together with the arrival of these utilities appear risks such as computer viruses and other malicious programs that seek to steal your information, however, fortunately there are already antiviruses for your mobile phone.
Up next we will tell you what the most popular security applications are and how you can download them to your phone.
This application is compatible with all phones that have iOS or Android operating systems and it blocks any virus or malicious program wishing to set up on your phone.
In case you lost any information, you can retrieve it with one of the functions this application has, if someone steals your phone or you lose it somewhere, you can use the other functions of Lookout for tracking and locating your device.
This application is is completely free and if you want further information then you can and download it from its webpage
Avast is one of the most recognized antiviruses for desktops and laptops there is, and it has recently launched its own security application compatible with all phones that run with Android.
The name is Avast Mobile Security application and if you install it on your phone, it will be protected against attacks from viruses and other types of malicious software. This application runs silently and verifies all information that comes into your phone, in case it finds anything suspicious, it will not allow it to enter or run.
It also has a computer tracking function in case of loss or theft. To download it you can search the application in Google Play or by entering
Kaspersky is another renowned brand of antiviruses and computer security and has its own mobile version: Kaspersky Mobile Security.
This application is compatible with all phones with Android operating system. Its main function is it run silently and block dangerous websites to provide continuous protection while browsing the Internet.
Additionally, it has a function that allows you to lock your phone in case of loss, while giving you its location.
You can download it through Google Play or directly in their official website at:
Dr. Web Anti-virus Light
With this application, your phone will be protected against all types of malicious software that wants to infect.
It gives you real time protection with which you can analyze all incoming information as well as the one stored in the external and internal memory of your phone. This application is characterized by its speed and efficiency in the detection and removal of viruses and other threats.
If you want to know more about Dr Web Antivirus Light, you can enter their webpage at:
With these applications you can keep your Smartphone safe, additionally there are other applications that can serve you and we recommend you to download them from Google Play or App Store. Do not forget that your information is valuable and that in the wrong hands may be used for evil, so protect your phone.
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