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Today the internet browsing has become one of the activities performed by people around the planet and that through their services we can find all the information we want quickly and easily and additionally, of many and varied sources.
Due to the large crowds visiting the internet, advertising has turned its eyes to the internet and created mechanisms and sites whose main purpose is to attack with all the publicity possible, resulting upset because it is used invasive methods such as occupy a large portion of the screen with ads and even modification our home page.
If you’re tired of the harassment that the advertising do to you, in this article we will tell you what programs will serve you to get rid of all those annoying advertising.
Ad Muncher
This program allows you to eliminate all forms of advertising and block all online advertising that would appear without notice.
And that’s not all, it also gives you the option to configure filtering of advertising on a certain page which you can get notices that moving images are not activated and neither do the background music or messages. This program can run under Windows 7 environment and could be used in any of the currently most popular browsers.
This program called PopUpCop is a practical and effective solution to avoid advertising popups. By having this program installed advertising on emerging or PopUp windows no longer appear because it will be blocked immediately.
You can see the control buttons of this software in the bar of your favorite browser utilities and when a popup would like to appear, PopUpCop will prevent and give notice of what happened. It fully supports Windows 7.
Daemon AdKiller
Another effective tool for not ever see those annoying commercials that interrupt you while you surf on internet. Its specialty is to eliminate pop-ups automatically, it also gives you the option to save a log of the activity and thus you may block any future PopUp. Additionally offers several configuration options.
Pop Down
This software is right for you if you’re looking to get rid of pop-up ads on the web. When you install this program, you will notice your shortcut in the taskbar which you should use to activate the software , so all popups will be deleted, you can additionally configure a maximum number of windows open at the same time.
My PopupKiller
My PopupKiller is the ultimate tool that we show in this article. This program eliminates the pop-up ads of any page and when installing it, it will be showed an icon on the toolbar that tells you that it is activated.
The particularity of this software is that you can choose between three different operating modes including automatic, manual and aggressive that prevents from the appearance of PopUps.
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