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The career of business administration is one of the most demanded today. The industrial growth increases the requirement of more graduates in this career. When you elaborate your resume, which you will send to the company in which you want to work, you must not forget to mention your career goals. Up ahead we will introduce you to some models of professional goals for the administration career. Add these goals to your CV and your chances of being hired will increase.

Professional goal of the Administration career 1
I am a graduate of the business administration career and I have four years of experience. My main goal is to belong to a company whose medium term vision is to be positioned as one of the most recognized companies nationwide. I know that with my knowledge I will be able to accomplish this.

Professional goal of the Administration career 2
I have a degree in business administration, and I have specialized in marketing and sales. My goal is to work in an organization where I can put into practice what I learned during my academic formation and increase the knowledge I acquired during my internships.

Professional goal of the Administration career 3
As a graduate of the business management profession, I recognize how valuable all the employees of a company are, whether they are managers or operators. My career goal is to get all the departments of a company to work together in order for the whole company to be more efficient and productive.

Professional goal of the Administration career 4
The proper management of resources allows a better control of the different areas of a company and the enhancement of the skills of the employees. As a business manager professional my goal is to plan the procedures to be followed in every department of a company and to elect the qualified staff for their implementation.

Professional goal of the Administration career 5
The most successful companies follow a pattern; constant staff training and an efficient control of resources. I am a business manager and I have more than eight years of experience. My career goal is to develop a compensation system based upon the performance of each employee.

Professional goal of the Administration career 6
I am a professional in business administration with a specialization in international trade. Currently I am looking for a job in a company where I am allowed to carry out my most ambitious career goals, and get a company that sells its products worldwide. With proper management and using the resources correctly this goal can be accomplished.

Professional goal of the Administration career 7
I have over 10 years of experience in administration of various multinational companies. Currently, my main goal is to be in charge of a management position where I can demonstrate my leadership skills and knowledge acquired.

Professional goal of the Administration career 8
When working as the manager of companies in the financial market, I have learned about the management used in the banking sector. My professional goal is to apply my experience and knowledge to benefit the companies that are beginning to play in the stock market.

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