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When a boy starts to feel in love, everything in his life changes. Since dawn it makes him very happy and all day he’s thinking in that special person that’s taken over his heart and makes him behave different than usual. Actually, when guys fall in love of a girl, they’re very aware of their look, they improve their dress code, wear perfume and spend much more time in their room until they have the perfect look.
It’s also true that many guys fear declaring their love to the woman of their dreams. This feeling arises as they fear being rejected or knowing that girl already has a boyfriend
or that she only wants a beautiful friendship. This is because guys, either teenagers, young adults or adults feel very insecure to declare their love to a woman. If you or a friend still fear how to express your love, in this section we’ll help you defeat that fear and declare your feelings to a girl.
The perfect timing
Life is a constant chain of moments, especially when they’re related with love. If you’re ready to declare your love to the woman you like, you have to wait for the right occasion to do so, for example in some party, in the movies, going out of college or in a restaurant, among others. Any time of day is okay, but try to choose nights as they’re more romantic.
What you should say
The moment you declare your love to a girl it’ll turn into something very special, that’s why you must choose the correct words in the appropriate time to declare your feelings. When you talk to a girl state your feelings without exaggerating, you have to be clear and confident, looking her firmly into her eyes, explain some of the reasons why you’re in love and why she should give you a chance.
What you should do
When you declare your love for a girl o it without interruptions, be somewhere private where no one can interrupt you and above all don’t forget to turn off your cellphones. The precise moment you declare your feelings talk to her face to face, if you see she’s moved it’s the moment to stop talking and ask her to be with you. On the contrary, if you see she’s uncomfortable or amazed by your declaration, end everything in a subtle way and listen what she has to say.
What you shouldn’t do
When you express your feelings to a girl, try to not give her anything since that may make her feel pressured, avoid talking more than you should or taking her hand or trying to kiss her after declaring. That kiss should be natural when the love is mutual.
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